The first few days…

Just arrived in a foreign land? people asking for update? Write a blog on it!

As you may have guessed, or were already aware of it, I just moved to mysterious land of Omaha Nebraska! Why? Because I landed a job there for First Data, the leader in electronic monetary transaction (credit cards stuff).

Now that we have the simple question out of the way let us sidetrack some more with this cool anecdote:

When I checked in for my flight at Newark to get here one of my suitcases was a couple pound over weight. The staff at the counter told me to remove something to lose the couple extra pounds so I decide that I would take my computer out of the suitcase and travel with it. The staff lady said it would not be necessary. She printed the two tags, tagged the two suitcases and then prompted me to put my computer back in it. It won’t print the tags if the suitcase was too heavy, but with the computer out, it was good to go! So I managed to sneak my slightly overweight luggage with the help of the  staff lady, how cool is that!

So how am I doing in Omaha? Well, so far so good I guess. I managed to open a new bank account, which is really helpful. The hotel that my employer has book for me is not too shabby, and is a relative walking distance from two malls. The main problem is that everything is design to be accessible by car. There are side walks and traffic signal but sometime crossing the road is a bit intimidating. One of my priority will be to get car, so I can move around more easily. There is a bus system but it would much slower than having my own car, since the busses apparently only come once an hour. Some places are faster to walk to than to take the bus!

Tomorrow is the first day at work, I am really excited to see what kind of project I will be working on. First Data is the company in charge of the Apple pay system that will come out soon, so who knows? maybe I’ll work on that!

I’ll try to post every so often or whenever some cool stuff happens. See you next time!


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