How hard could it be….

Alright time for a “little” update!

As hoped my two colleague have agreed to car pool and it has been really nice having someone that I know around the office for such things. Talking about the office, things are going really nicely there. Also, my credit card has been approved! Now I’ll be able to start my credit history, but more on that later. My team is made of really nice people and they have been supportive so far and made me feel like I belong in their team. I haven’t started working on anything yet as I am still waiting for my mainframe access and current project my team was  working on is on its installation week. This means tis friday the code will be delivered to the client and if anything fails, they won’t leave the office until it works! My manager will come in at 4 in the morning on friday and will stay until midnight to make sure everything goes smoothly.

So far I have mostly been reading testing documentations and Quality Insurance stuff but things should start picking up next week as preparation for the next project will start. Apparently I’ll be working on back charges and retrievals systems, which sounds interesting. Also I found this cool image in one of the docs, which dates back from 1995! It is a famous meme now but I never thought that it existed before the internet was what it is today!


Remember how I said my credit card was approved? Well I still don’t have it yet, so my credit history is still non-existent. And yet, I have managed to do THE IMPOSSIBLE! My original plan was to buy a used car first and then get a lease later when I would have save some money and had an actually credit history. FORGET THAT! I BOUGHT A BRAND NEW CAR TODAY!!! WITHOUT HAVING A CREDIT HISTORY!!!


That wasn’t so hard, wasn’t it? Remember me complaining how things are so far apart? Meh, It could be worse. It is a 2014 Ford Focus hatchback! I got to go on a test ride on it and oh boy is this thing awesome! What’s that? My interest rate you ask? 0%. I can barely contain my joy!

Last thing on my hit list is an apartment, which should not be that hard, right? Right.


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