Day 10: I should buy some curry…

Do they sell golden curry brand curries at Whole food? I am pretty sure they do… I would really go for curry right now…

In other news, things are going well. I did not do a single thing at work but what can you do. It took them a full week to finally grant me access to the Mainframe, which is the thing I’m supposed to write programs for. Most of my first week was me reading manuals, docs, looking for a car (until I bought one on wednesday) and car insurance (I went for Geico because it was one of the few that actually gave me a proper quote online without forcing to call an agent). Mind numbing but some proactive i guess? This week is probably not going to be much more exciting, since i’ll most likely just learn how to use the mainframe 25 years old interface. Remember those black and green screens you see in all those old movie? Yeah that kind of stuff. Can’t really blame First Data, the languages their using date from the pre-historic age of computer (Assembler and Cobol). At least I’ll get paid to seat at my cubicle all day.

The weird part of being a contractor/consultant is the how we are paid. There is a base pay that is guaranteed and then there is a “daily bonus” for everyday you go to work. There is a full day bonus and a half day bonus, You get the full day bonus if you work for 8 or more hour in day and the half day bonus is you work between 4 to 8 hours. This means you only get the half day bonus if you work 7 hours and 59 minutes but won’t be paid for any extra work you might do after your 8 hours a day. Overtime is only given in “special situations”, so who knows.

I drove around a bit In my new car on sunday when the insurance coverage started, and it’s not as hard as I thought it would be. It still feel strange to think that I own a car and yet driving felt very natural… Deep stuff. I still need to get real license plates.

Trader joe is not as good as whole foods by the way. Also the entire staff wears tacky hawaiian shirts.

The apartment hunt begins! WOO!

Random defragmented thoughts!

Also, people here are really proud of their state university. The Yonkers store at the mall has an entire section of merchandise, people have stickers on their car, heck I even saw a car with a license plate that read “ilive4un” i.e. “I live for U. of Nebraska”. freaky stuff. I guess their football team is descent? Or maybe their baseball team? I don’t really care.


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