Good News, Bad News…

Let’s start with the bad news…

This needs a bit of context so here it is: Sunday night, I go do my laundry. The small plastic laundry bags that hotel give are kinda crap so I decided to use a paper grocery bag from Whole Food to carry around my stuff. Flawless plan, right? All my stuff is dried and folded but I was kinda lazy to put them back in the drawers that night so I left them in the bag next to the desk in my room. Completely forget about it on Monday and I though: “meh, I’ll do that quickly tomorrow morning before going to the office”. This Morning, I wake up and realize that the bag had disappeared! I didn’t move it, my stuff was not in drawers, and my room is small, couldn’t have missed it while looking around! Conclusion: while I was at the office yesterday, the cleaning staff threw my laundry out thinking it was garbage…

You read that right, they threw it out! Most of my under-wears, socks and a couple t-shirts were in that bag! How crazy is this!

On the flip side, the management apologized and agreed to reimburse me the cost of buying replacements, which is kinda nice but still suck. I have now replaced about a third of the clothes I initially brought with me… what a mess.

I won’t have to surfer long though, because good news! I got an Apartment! YAY!!! And I’ll have my own laundry machine and dryer! YAY!!!

I still need to buy some basic furniture but I’ll have a place to call my own. I’ll post some photos of it at some point as well. I won’t move in until next week.

In other news, my employer decided to change its pay schedule and will being paying us twice a month instead of once a month! WOOH! I still can’t leave the office early without taking half a day of vacation though…


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