Worst. Day. Ever…

There are no words to describe a day like today. No matter what I write, it will be an understatement. I think I can at least give a gist of what happened…

The day started promising. It’s friday, I just finished packing the last few things from my Hotel room and I was ready to finally move into my own apartment. It was not even 7:30 am when thing went way South…

I have been spending quite a bit of money settling my self here in Nebraska, buying a car, renting an apartment, insurance and what not. But when I looked at my account balance, it seemed like I spent more money they I should have. As it turned out, instead of charging my employer, FDM Group, for my stay in the hotel, the entire thing was charged on MY credit card! Every week since I arrive in Nebraska, the Hotel was charging me $500. $2000 of my own money spent paying a hotel that my employer was supposed to pay for!! The boiling rage! How hard could it be to book a hotel for an employee and not making him pay!!

I tried to contact my manager but could not get hold of him (apparently he called in sick). So I contacted his managers. Within half an hour, the finance department contacted me and told me that they had initiated a payment to fully reimburse me, my account manager’s superior contacted me and assured me that he will personally look into why this happened, and even the president of the US branch of the company sent me an apology email. You know someone really messed up when the president herself has to apologies to one of their consultants.

The worst part is that I actually like this job. FirstData is a great company, my colleagues are great people, the work is fascinating, but FDM sucks! Their Administration is sluggish, their pay system is incredibly stupid, the account managers are nearly useless! I like what I do but I hate the whole being a consultant part of it! Only 23 month left of this crap, hooray…..

Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully a much better one.


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