Winter happened…

It’s been a while since the last post but good News! I haven’t froze to death yet! But Geez is it freezing outside! It was nice an warm last week as i was ranting about how I got the short end of the stick with the whole hotel stuff, and BAM! next thing you know Nebraska turn into a real life rendition of Frozen! 65-70 degrees one day, 25 and 2 inches of snow the next! The worst part is it’s here to stay! I should have said Florida During those interviews.

The lake of the apartment complex is freezing fast!
The lake of the apartment complex is freezing fast!

On the bright side, having received a nice paycheck and being fully refunded for the hotel, I was able to start furnishing my apartment! Yay! Got my self a nice desk, a chair and a TV to start with. I can finally use my computer without having to slouch against the wall, which was kinda uncomfortable after a while. Still waiting for my bed to arrive. The inflatable mattress thingy is OK, but having a real bed will be nice. Next, I probably look for a couch and a bookshelf, a nightstand would be nice too.

Behold the power of the Hatchback!
Behold the power of the Hatchback!
My new work station! Assembled it myself!
My new work station! Assembled it myself!

On a small side note, there was an earthquake last week! It was in Kansas but we felt it all the way here. Having lived for many years in Japan, I am keen to know when an earthquake occurs. Sometime when a decent one was going to happen, you could  feel the first few tremors before it really started shaking, making you feel like you had ESP and knew it was going to happen before it started. It has been a while since I felt a proper earthquake, so I am surprised I even felt it.

Anyways, I’ll post something if the snow suddenly disappear or whatever..

P.S.: I forgot to rant about something! My bad.

Remember Internet Explorer? Yes , it still exists, it still is as crappy as it was back then, and unfortunately, it is the standard browser at my company. Why, oh why does it has to be IE? It is so sluggish! It so ugly! It’s UI has not changed since Windows XP! I have Firefox and Chrome installed on my work computer, but half the company online resources won’t work properly unless you use IE! What a pain! The most annoying part is that sometimes IE will simply refuse to load Google. Need to look up some Cobol Syntax? Too bad, Google won’t load. “Surprisingly”, Bing loads faster than anything else, even intranet webpage. Maybe this happens on purpose so that you have to use Bing…

I hate IE…

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