Getting comfy!

I have to admit that I got a little bit lazy and haven’t updated the blog in a while.

That being said, I finally got some more furniture! I can finally say that I have moved to Nebraska. I don’t have sleep on a crappy inflatable bed, no more slouching against the wall to watch tv or play video games!

Oh Yeah!

I also finished my first project at work! Woot! It is now in the testing cycle which means that when i go back to the office this monday, I’ll either have an empty mailbox, meaning that I can put two piece of code together or an angry email saying that something needs to change, which would be quite annoying.

Programming for a big company isn’t simple as typing some code in Notepad++ and handing it to your manager on a usb drive. Well, maybe it is true somewhere, but I’m working on a system design some 50 years ago in language as old. “Why is this procedure so complicated?” I asked the other day. the answer: the company who made this program went bankrupt 15 years ago, and no one is interested in updating it… Oh well can’t be too picky.

Anyways, I’ve been binge watching “Burn notice” recently and I have to admit it is an awesome show. The thing is, it made me realize how terrible recent shows are. The main problem is that the characters are terrible. In “Gotham”, There are some good character, like Edward Nigma, the future Riddler. But then it has characters like Barbara. She is so annoying and useless! I was relief to see her seemingly leave at the end of episode 8, only to be stabbed in the back in the next episode when she came back. The kid bruce is also extremely annoying, even though he is kinda the center point of the whole show. Thankfully, since i watch TV shows online on Hulu, I just skip those scenes.

“Gotham” in general feels like a spin-off of CSI with a Batman theme where they can only hint at certain Supervillain because it would otherwise throw out any continuity and create a giant mess of plot holes. With the exception of the gangster base villain like Maroni, Falcone, The black mask and the Penguin, there is not many other bad guys that they can really use. Maybe the “Mad hatter” could make a great multi-episode story arc.

The Flash has fewer flaws and has actually use villains from the comics, but also has its own pointless female character: Iris. She hasn’t done anything relevant plot wise other than getting capture once or twice. She is set to become the dumbass in distress for the rest of the show, which kinda sucks.


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