Slow week…

Not much has happened since my last post but there is something that I wanted to point out I find curious…

I listen to radio while I drive to and back from work, I realized that there are only three types advertisement on the radio: car dealerships deals, Electronic cigarets, and weight loss pills.

Obviously, no one in Nebraska seem to care about in what state their cars are in, as I mentioned in my previous post, so car cars ads seem like an exercise in futility.

I don’t know anything about electric cigarets but every time I hear one of those ads, I can’t help myself thinking that those stores would turn themselves into marijuana stores the instant it was legalized in Nebraska. They way the person talks in those ads is just does sounds uncanny.

Weight loss pills don’t work as a general rule, but at least one of the advertise on the radio was report as a scam on the internet. I could find any referrence to some of the other products so I am going to assume they are no better. Are weight loss pills such a lucrative business that it is one of the only three things that are advertised on the radio? Surely not.

In other news, I downloaded the BitCoin Wallet! I can now receive payments in BitCoin! Yeah! If you have spare change, if there is such a thing in BitCoin, feel free to send it here: 1Bq2wqk3AY4Zg54cTYewnRyyFQCLdMKLKW

Anyways, I’ll post something if anything stupendous occurs this week.


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