Happy Holidays!

Oooooh Shiny…..

Happy Holidays! It’s time to buy all the stuff you thought you needed but not really! Yeah! Capitalism! I was going to do my airing of grievances for Festivus yesterday but I forgot. Maybe next year

I am in New York City visiting some family and I have to say that it is nice to be back in a densely populated city again. Some people can’t stand the “concrete jungle” but I like to think that it is my natural habitat. Lots of stores of all kind, museums, movie theater, all within walking distances, no need to drive! Besides there is plenty of random stuff one can find out on the street of New York, like this specimen:

The legendary Hummer stretched limo!
The legendary Hummer stretched limo!

Nebraska has beaten up cars, New York has limousines. Nothing says “I got more money than I know what to do with it” than rolling down the street in one of these. I think I saw dude in Low-rider type cars on broadway once, those are pretty obnoxious as well.

Finally I wanted to give you, my readers, something special for this Holiday season: The satisfaction that you can probably spell better than me. The keen eyed reader might have already found it but if you pay close attention to the url of this blog, you can find that I somehow put an extra ‘t’ in adventures, between the ‘d’ and the ‘v’ at that. I cannot figure out how I managed to do something like that, the ‘t’ on the keyboard is not even close to either ‘v’ or ‘d’ so it’s not like my finger slipped. Anyways, Happy holidays and all that.


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