Back in the swing of things… Sort of

Flying over Chicago
Flying over Chicago

Ahhh, back in the freezing cold of Nebraska! Apparently we had the coldest wind chill ever recorded this morning, Yay, fun.

I had 300 emails waiting for me at the office, thankfully only a dozen really concerned me. Apparently, we will be upgrading our Cobol compiler to the newer version and people seem concerned that some of our system will either fail dramatically or become more efficient. Interestingly, looking in the documentation, they are removing “year 2000 extension support” from the current compiler. I can only assume that means that Y2K bug related stuff are being phases out, which simply sound stupid because if Cobol  survives another 85 years they’ll have the same potential bugs for the year 2100 they would have had for Y2K, except it would be Y2.1k . Oh well.

I started to listen to audiobooks, and I currently listening to “Dune” by Frank Herbert. I tried to read it a few years ago but could not get pass the first chapter. There so much lore crammed in each page that it is hard to make sense of it. What’s a “Mentat”? Why is that crazy old lady testing for humanity? If you are familiar to with the Warhammer 40K universe, it kinda like that but pre Horus heresy, and where computer are banned by religion. Considering the source material, the movie was a bold attempt but just could not handle the craziness of the book. Definitely an easier listen than a read.

Remember when I said cars in Nebraska are all busted? Well here is another prime example:

Seriously Nebraska, what's up with your cars?
Seriously Nebraska, what’s up with your cars?

I thought that I would not find a car in worse shape than that one without a hood on but this is something else. That is just going to rust faster than you can say “what happened to my rear bumper?”…

On the subject of random anecdote, it appears that the weight loss ads that were all over the radio before Christmas all disappeared only to be replaced by gym ads. It must be a seasonal thing, in the end of the year they push weight loss pills for those who fear they haven’t lost enough weight/ will eat too much during the holidays, and in the beginning of the year, they push for gym membership for those whose New year’s resolution is going to the gym/lose weight. Sneaky bastard…


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