Things I learned after a week without my car:

Last Sunday, I crashed my car into a tree in downtown Omaha. It is still in the shop and i’ll probably won’t be getting it back for another week or so. Not much of my weekly routine has changed fortunately but I came to realize a few things:

1) Omaha (and probably most of american cities) is designed for cars.

Nothing is designed with pedestrian in mind around where I live. While there are sidewalks, They are merely for show. There is are a couple small shopping center near where I live and there is sidewalk that surrounds the mall and its parking. However, there is also no path between the side walk and the shopping center, it’s all grass. Not that walking on grass is a problem but psychologically it feels like that you are not meant to walk to the shopping center but drive there. Even worse, there are no crosswalk painted on the pavement and often no stop line for cars either. This makes crossing the road somewhat terrifying. thing are different downtown but most of Omaha feel treacherous for pedestrians.

2) I am glad that I have an insurance.

Yes, I know it sound stupid, but hear me out. I cannot imagine how much a pain in the ass it would have been if I had to paid for the full repairs. Sure, insurance might seem like a waste of money if you never crashed your car, but when you do (and most likely will) you will be glad that your insurance has your back. It is a necessary evil that from time to time helps you out. If you can get a rental car with your insurance package, do it! That will also save you a lot of trouble.

3) I finally understand why people have busted cars.

Right now, I wished I didn’t crash my car because I am somewhat stranded (see #1). I thought that if it was not as bad as it was, I would probably just drove on. That made realize that the reason people have beat up cars is because they would rather keep their cars damaged then having to deal with not having a car while it is repaired. The alternative would be to have at least two cars, in case one broke down, but that would be stupidly expensive (and awesome).

4) Uber is your friend.

Uber does not make sense in a big city like New York city where taxis and buses are everywhere, and where you can go from side of the city to the other for $2.50 using the subway. In Nebraska, where taxis are seen once in a blue moon and buses take an hour to do three miles, and you do not have a car, Uber is such a blessing. You are not dependent on your friends for rides and they cheaper than taxis or renting a car. All the drivers I have met so far were extremely friendly and I never had to wait more then five to ten minutes before they arrived. A real life saving service.

5) I glad I don’t have to drive this weekend.

Because I don’t have winter tires and it is currently snowing outside.

It was nearly 70 degrees like a week ago, what happened?
It was nearly 70 degrees like a week ago, what happened?

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