A most perilous Adventure!

You know how I complain about how Omaha has seemingly no interest for its possible pedestrian commuter? Well, let me illustrate this observation with a few picture I took while walking to the bank a little bit than a mile away.

Let’s start with a simple fact: only the roads gets plowed and the sidewalk are left buried under the snow.

somewhere in the image is a sidewalk. can you guess where it is? hint: I don't either.
Somewhere in the image is a sidewalk. Can you guess where it is?

Thankfully my apartment complex has maintenance personnel task with plowing the sidewalk and walking pathes around the complex, which is nice. Seeing that the sidewalk were finally cleared I figures I would be able to walk to the bank and to the Whole foods for some grocery shopping. I was wrong.

While it was true that the sidewalks were cleared, they were only cleared until the end of the complex. It seemed that some tried to clear the snow at some point but it was covered back with a couple inches, so I pressed onward to the bank.

The end of the plowed path...
The end of the plowed path…

Sure enough, things got worse at the next intersection and for most of the trip. As it turns out no one dared to go as far as I did and I was left with pristine snow at least 9 or 10 inches of snow to plow my way through…

To boldly walk where no man has walked before!
To boldly walk where no man has walked before!

In the end it took me almost 30 minutes to walk the street to the bank. Truly, no one seem to think that walking is a valid way of going about around here. On a side note, I did find something vaguely interesting on my way there: a piece of someone bumper. Someone must have had an accident and drove away without picking up all the pieces. Another beat up car for Nebraska. Maybe we could call them “Nebraskars”! Because, you know, portmanteau of Nebraska and car…

Another one bite the snow…

Talking about cars, here a small update about mine: it is not done being repaired. Apparently they are still waiting for a few pieces to arrive and expect it to ready to go by middle of next week. I guess the recent snow fall might be the reason why. Bummer. But I have managed so far so that should not be a problem.


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