Team work is hard…

OMG I am writing on my blog again!! Wooo!

I sort of took a brake last week because not much happened and did not feel it warranted me writing about it. I did get my car back on Friday the 13th, but that was about it. I also caught on three weeks worth of comic books, since I could not go to the comic book store without a car. Good times! Oh and I finally got winter tires! Two of them… They are still as elusive as they were back in December apparently…

Anyways, things are going alright at work. And by that I mean that we are on top of our projects, unlike the other team we are supposed to work with. Back in January we started a new project to adjust a few thing in how we processed some files for one of our clients. They wanted a bigger field on each record for description. That meant a few changes in copybooks, programs and stuff, no problems. But since the file changed in length, we could not just pull an old file to test our changes, we had to fabricate one of the new length. And by “we”, I meant another team of programers. Another team of programers who did not have their stuff together. After a while, we email them and asked when we will get the test file ready. They said: “we are testing stuff on our end, the file will be ready on February 10th”. Not cool for two reasons:

  1. We had been pestering them for a good couple weeks already
  2. The deadline to put the project in the test cycle was the 6th of February

So we decided we would put the stuff on the test cycle even if we did not the get the file before the deadline. Which we ended doing because we still had no test file. Anyways, the 10th comes and goes and nothing. Not a word from the other team, no test file for us to test with. I ended sending and email along the lines of “the 10th was yesterday and we got nothing. Stuff is still untested. Where is my file?”. They responded “We’ll have it by this Friday, we swear!”. Can you guess what happened?

Well, nothing for most of Friday anyway. I had to leave the office early so that I could get my car from the repair shop and about ten minutes before I started packing, I get an I.M. from the guy who was supposed to make the file for us being like: “Hey, can you send me the file layout for that file?”. It is mid afternoon, and the dude hasn’t started and has no idea what he is supposed to do… Great job everybody! I sent him the layout and left the office, knowing that at least there was a possibility that when I came back on Tuesday, there would be a file ready for us.

They indeed managed to make and send us the file late on Friday, so technically they kept their promise but whatever. We tested our changes, and saw that it was all good. Finally done with that project, right? What’s the worse that could happen? Fast forward to this morning, when I received an email from the design analyst saying:”Hey, we’ll have to make another change to the project. They want a longer field for the country name on the record.”


You know what that means? It means we have to ask for another new test file! At this rate, we’ll have it a week after the code is supposed to reach production cycles! Who cares if “British Virgin Islands” doesn’t fit in 14 characters! Just put “Virgin islands”, that’s 14 characters! Guuuhhhh…..

Being a programmer isn’t necessarily hard in and of itself, but working in a corporate environment can suck your soul sometimes….


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