Day 154: some life updates..

Second blog post this week! Woo! Rather then going on another rant like Monday, this more of a status update like usually do. Obviously, my life is fascinating and the whole of the internet needs to know! </sarcasm>

Here is a bit of a work update. Some weeks ago I wrote a post about how we needed a new test file for one of our project. I feared it would take for ever for us to get that file, but it actually only took a week. Sounds to good to be true? Yes. The file they gave us was not properly formatted and was 30 bytes to long… Now in modern operating system, 30 bytes is nothing but it is crucial in Cobol. The thing is that cobol can only process binary data, and a huge part of the programs is telling it how to interpret it. if the layout in the program does not match the actual data, the data might be misinterpreted and turned into garbage. So basically we could not use the test file because it would not be properly interpreted by the program. Thankfully, it only took one day for them to send us a proper file.

On a side note, we use this program call Lync as a Instant messaging app. If you ever used the old msn messenger, it is essentially the exact same program. anyways, I was pinged by the programmer who was supposed to be working on the test file. The thing that caught my eye was that his avatar/profile image was the Assassin’s Creed logo. Obviously, he is a proud gamer but it makes me question some of his work ethics. Leaves many things to the imagination, doesn’t it?

On the subject of things that would not work properly, I managed to break Internet Explorer to a whole new level. Some of the intranet website we have at the office only work on internet Explorer, so I occasionally have to use it. this past week I have been doing research to see how junk programs we have on the mainframe, so I had to use the online database and repository which only work on IE. somehow, I managed to break the back and forward buttons. Some pages would load properly and most hyperlinks would not work. The only way to fix was to it was to close the windows and start over. Really annoying.

What ever, let’s talk street racing. why street racing? Because I have growing suspicion that people are street racing on pacific street. Every so often in the evening, I would hear loud engine noise coming from the street. I was not sure if people were actually racing or just people on bikes or in muscle cars being idiots. However the other day, as I was walking back from the gym, I saw this supped up car, complete with lowered body and drag strip tires just roll down the street. I didn’t get the chance to snap a picture of it but it definitely supports my theory.

Talking about cars, I found some pretty beat up ones. Exhibit A: what do you when one of your tail light is broken? if you thought duct tape, you obviously are on the same wavelength as this guy:

From a distance, It might look good but that is probably still very illegal.
From a distance, It might look good but that is probably still very illegal.

Exhibit B: if your car gets t-boned, you probably either pay big bucks to get it fixed or consider it a total loss. This guys obviously disagrees:

Note the sensible amount of rust on the car. Magnificent...
Note the sensible amount of rust on the car. Magnificent…

Ahh yes… nothing like junk cars of  Nebraska…

In other news, I finally got around and got my self a bookshelf. Now my random stuff is neatly organized and tucked away. Not sure if it will fit the rest of my stuff that is still in New York, but also not sure if I’m going to get all that stuff here…

I also decided more or less on a whim to go see some Arena Cross racing last week end at the Mid America center in Council Bluff, Iowa just across the Missouri river. It was fun but I am not sure if it was more of a stunt show or an actual racing competition. The jumps were impressive and the pyrotechnic were cool. It is worth a watch but it is really loud.

And that’s all I have for this week. Catch you guys next time!


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