The yet to be named update…

Woo! Warm temperatures! Tax refunds! Good times…

Yup, it’s finally April, and the weather is still as erratic as ever. one day it’s almost 90 degrees, today was only in the mid 50s. Oh tornado season is starting, and Wednesday night we got our first thunderstorm. Exciting. There is one thing that I found surprising was how “quiet” it was, . There was a lot of thunder and lightning but it sounded distant, like a low, consistent rumble rather then the sporadic loud crash of thunder we get in the city. Probably something to do with the number of Lightning rods on top of building in cities like New York versus the flat plains of Nebraska.

In other news, I went and bought myself a subscription to LootCrate. It’s this cool company who send you a themed mystery box full of stuff random every month, though it seems you expect to find a T-shirt and/or a comic book in every box. I remember first hearing about it when it first started a couple years and not thinking a lot about it. As I recall the first few month there were no theme to each box and the boxes ended containing a random assortment of gimmicky stuff like you would find on ThinkGeek. They seem to have gone up in quality since then, giving away LootCrate exclusive stuff, and they even give away a special “mega crate” worth almost $2000 of stuff to a lucky subscriber every month. The theme for March was “covert” and featured some cool spy related stuff. This month, the theme is “fantasy” and I am pretty excited to see what I’ll get. I’ll probably make an unboxing post with pictures when I the thing.

Fast and furious 7 just came out. I can’t believe they made that many! The first one came out in 2001! that’s one movie every two years! Holy crap! Surprisingly, I have only seen the odd numbered ones, the first, third, and fifth. The first one was pretty good, the plot made sense and the action was within the realm of reality. The third one was Tokyo drift, which people seem to like the least. I thought it was great. I was living in japan at the time, so my opinion might have been biased. Finally the fifth was way over the top! Ripping a vault out of building and dragging it around? Rubbish! Fun but thing really started to get over the top. This one seem in the same line of crazy stunts like the fifth one. dropping cars out of Airplanes! driving cars out of buildings to crash into another! The law of physics might have something to say about that. I’ll probably go see it because I don’t really have anything better to do, but I don’t expect anything exceptional.


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