The food update…

WP_20150411_14_51_10_ProOH MY GOD!!! A Starbucks Coffee!!! We are saved! I found civilization!</sarcasm> I am actually happy to know where to get my Frappuccino latte fix or whatever. And, it is walking distance from the office, which is always nice. Also, note the “drive Thru” sign. That’s definitely something that you would not see in down town New York. Pretty much everything around here can be done in a drive thru. Drive thru banking, drive thru fast food, drive thru coffee stores. No wonder the pedestrian infrastructure is so bad around here.

On a more interesting note, I discovered something cool this week. There used to be a gas station right across the street which literally closed the week I moved into my apartment. There’s another one down the road so whatever but they started building a new thing there called “Runza”. It is a local chain of restaurant and their speciality is called, as you could guess, Runza sandwich. According to Wikipedia, Runza (or Bierock) is an eastern european recipe that originated from Russia, and it was brought along by germanic settlers. That’s pretty cool, right? Traditional Russian sandwich in Nebraska. Perfectly logical.

Nebraskan fast food!
Nebraskan fast food!

Of course, you still have to do some frogger style action to cross the road. If only they had proper cross walk and stuff….

On the subject of food, the new Coca Cola found its way here. It’s green and called Coca cola life. instead of being sweetened by sugar or artificial sweeteners, it uses Stevia, which is essentially and plant extract. The whole “gimmick” is that it is less caloric than the standard Coca Cola and has a natural sweetener as oppose to aspartame in Coke Zero and Diet Coke.WP_20150411_16_37_57_Pro

Unfortunately, the Stevia does add a bit a flavor to the original syrup and it really doesn’t taste like the “real” thing. It taste more like a store brand coke actually. It’s probably more a fad thing, organic/natural products are trendy these days but I doubt this will stay around for too long. Also, it is not sold at the whole foods, so obviously it is still pretty much full of mysterious chemicals…

oh and brownies… Brownies are tasty…


Brownies for weeks!!!!

P.S.: Oh, talking about chocolate, I found some Bacon flavored chocolate bars while i was doing grocery shopping at Wholes foods earlier today. I haven’t tried it yet but from my experience, Bacon flavored things that are not bacon are pretty terrible. Most notably, I tried Bacon flavored vodka while in college (the only time I ever had any vodka by the way) and it tasted like mouthwash, it was terrible! Hopefully this bacon chocolate is better. I’ll try and remember to write a post about it sometime this week…


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