Fitbit Flex: first impressions

Having a office job where you seat all day in front of a computer is hardly conducive to an active lifestyle. Since i have such a job, I have been trying to stay active. I go to the gym every other day and try to stay outside the apartment on the weekend. I figured I could use one of those health tracker thingies to help me keep track on how I am doing. I did not really need anything fancy so I figured I would just go and buy the Fitbit Flex. It cheap and keep tracks of a few things for you. So I went and bought one of Amazon. Here is my experience so far:


This thing is terrible!! How could they have messed it up so bad? How is this thing even sold?

I have two computers, a Mac and a PC, and a smartphone, all of which are supposed to be compatible with the Fitbit. After 45 minutes, none of them would connect to the damn thing. The Fitbit was as close to the wireless USB receiver as the laws of physics would allow and still nothing! Eventually, after restarting the Fitbit half a dozen times (which, annoyingly, is done through the charging cable thing), I got to sync with my PC… It took me an entire hour to set the stupid thing up!

Things were starting to look up. The phone seems to connect to the Fitbit just fine but doesn’t always sync. The mac is the biggest offender and never worked in the slightest.

The Fitbit website is pretty bad as well. It went offline twice while I was trying to figure out my synchronizing issues. Oh and now my pc won’t find and sync my Fitbit anymore….

I cannot believe how terrible this whole thing is. I did not necessarily expect this thing to last forever but at least to work straight out the box! Short of having just exploded or just not been functional at all, this is the worst product I have seen in a while. I have seen Chinese knock-offs work better than this! Chinese knock-offs!

I am going to persevere and see if things work themselves out over time, otherwise I am asking for my money back because it is not worth $99 for such an unreliable piece of junk….


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