Going to work on Sunday…

Last week was a big week, we were going to release the new version of our software. Most of of the code changes happened on Friday but one of the projects I worked on had to be installed on Sunday instead. something to do with it running on the previous day’s output of another program and we don’t process anything on Saturdays. Being the guy who programmed the changes, I am supposed to verify that the program runs and all that. Ergo: I had to come to the office on Sunday afternoon.

Oh man, I am not sure where I parked my car! There are just so many of them.... not...
Oh man, I am not sure where I parked my car! There are just so many of them…. not…

Now, i would normally be just fine with except of thing: I got a warning message Friday morning saying that my Mainframe access would expire on that same Sunday . I ask my manager to have my access renewed but she was sure I would get on time. In my logic, if it expire Sunday, It would still work Sunday and stop on Monday, So I was optimistic about thing going well.

It didn’t…

I got to the office, got into the building no problem, turned on the computer, tried to log onto the mainframe and… Denied! GUHHH… I called my project analyst to let her know that I was not able to get on the mainframe and I also told the person on call that I would not be able to help. I ended leaving the office shortly after that. But the question remained: did my program run or did it crash miserably?

It crashed.

Remember how I wrote a couple post about the grueling experience of trying to get a test file from that other team? And how they failed several times? Well, I guess you could say that lightning struck for the third time in a row. As it turns out, they had trouble implementing their side of the project, did not tell anyone and decided to send the input file in the old format. That made our program crash we had to manually run the old version of the the procedure. Even by Monday evening, they had not solve the problem and we ran empty file instead.

Trials and tribulation of working in a corporate environment, where you can’t assume anyone has their stuff in order…

on a lighter note, I said I would write about that bacon flavored chocolate bar I found so here is a short review:WP_20150416_17_11_40_Pro

Predictably, there was no trace of bacon in the taste, even though the back of the packaging advertised that the bar had bacon bits. The sea salt has a pretty powerful taste so it is possible that it undermined the bacon, but I am somewhat doubtful of that. Surprisingly however, it smelled like bacon. If you closed your eyes and just smelled it, you could swear there was a plate of bacon in front of you. Overall, it’s a decent sea salt milk chocolate bar that smelled like bacon. It’s worth a try but would not recommend.


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