April’s Loot Crate!! (or the “loads o’ photo update”)


Yes! It finally arrived! It actually came in the mail on Tuesday but I didn’t really got to look into it because of how things were going at work (none of it is my fault, by the way. More on that in Tomorrow’s post). This month, the theme was “fantasy” so I figured Game of Thrones, D&D stuff would be included. Let’s a look at what we got:



A Dungeon and Dragon theme bowtie, pretty cool. A Loot Crate exclusive product.


A princess bride theme pack of card, meh. Maybe I can gift to some else.


A game’s of throne USB drive? Nice! This one was a Loot Crate exclusive as well.


Unfortunately, it only holds 4 Gigs so not the most useful but handy none the less. The one other issue is that it’s large and it will cover multiple USB slots.


A badge/pin thingy. Apparently there is one in every box. Meh.


A Dungeon and Dragon T-shirt!?!? Heck yeah!


A Harry Potter theme bag tag. Pretty cool but not sure how useful it is. It feels like it would break easily.


More Game of throne stuff, this time fridge magnets. Nifty.


The monthly Loot crate magazine, which contain a short descriptive of all the content of the box among other things.


What’s this now?


It’s an inflatable crown… Kinda cool, I guess. It’s way too small for my head though. Also an exclusive of the Loot crate.


Over all, pretty good! Most of it has some value and not just useless collectibles (except the crown I suppose). They could have had a custom set of role playing dice instead of the playing cards or the bag tag in my opion. Hopefully the next one will have some cooler stuff.


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