Short general update…

Another week past is another week closer to the next vacation! Things are not that bad here, but man, I sure could use a three day weekend at some point.

Remember that recovery exercise that was a complete disaster? Well, despite the upper management trying to twist it positively, it was decided to have two new exercise because the previous one was such a nightmare. The first one will be in a couple weeks and purely practice for the actual exercise (which should be a practice for the possible real life situation). The next one in June would be the real exercise and I heard that another one in October/November might be possible. I am a bit apprehensive about possibly having to go through the same non-sense that the previous exercise was but I was told that things are usually much smoother. I guess will have to wait and see.

We are also in the middle of migrating to the newer cobol compiler and that has so far been a complete mess, as we expected it to be. not much else to say about that.

In other news, my Fitbit is starting to behave strangely. It is synchronizing to the app as well as it use. It doesn’t seem to like that fact that I only sync it a couple times a day.  By default it synchronizes every 15 minutes but I found that it drained the battery of my phone. I doubt I am mistreating the actual tracker since it is supposed to be something you can/should run/exercise/shower/sleep with. I am not sure if the app is the cause of the issue, either way it only reinforces my belief that Fitbits are overpriced and kinda rubbish.

Oh and I assembled this really cool Bat-mobile model from the Nolan Dark Knight trilogy:

WP_20150503_12_22_58_ProIt was a bit of a pain to assemble, made wish for nice pair of tweezers, but the end result was worth it. Gave it quick paint job with some black spray paint and voila! A nice piece to decorate my otherwise rather boring cubicle at work. Also one one of my coworker though it was a remote control drone… I also have Cylon Raider model from Battlestar Galactica that I have assembled but that I haven’t painted yet. I’ll probably try to do that this weekend.

Oh, and this month’s Loot Crate theme is “Unite”, and is supposed to have Marvel Avengers and Team Fortress themed stuff. So exciting! By the way, if you want to subscribe to Loot crate, just click here.


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