“Mad Max: Fury Road”, a review…

What a lovely day indeed! An overhyped day? Most unfortunately.

I’m not saying it is a bad movie, It’s a great movie, but hardly seem to stack up to what some of the more mainstream media is trying to spin.

I’ll try to keep this mostly spoiler free, but I would still recommend seeing the movie first.

It is a really beautiful film to watch. It exploits the contrast between the clear blue skies and the orange sand of the desert quite effectively but doesn’t over saturate the colors so it still looks natural. The scenes are well shot and the few slow motion shots are well used. The original score of the film is fantastic as well, and they even briefly use “Dies Irae” from Verdi’s Requiem, just like in the trailer.

It is however not as some people are saying “a single car chase scene”. Who ever came up with that idea has probably only seen the trailer and not the actual film (or any movies for that matter) because there is most definitely separate and well defined action sequences and character development moment through out the film. Heck, there are even three fade to black. If that is not an end of scene, then my name is Henry the 8th.

It is also not just a mindless action flick, full of lunatic driving supped up car through the desert for the sake of it (as much as that would be awesome!). There is not really that much gore on screen or excessive violence either, to be honest. Yes, someone gets a grenade to the chest and there maybe a few brief seconds where you can see his open torso full of guts, someone gets their face ripped off (off screen I might add) and some characters have weird mutation/medical conditions but nothing spectacularly violent.

The plot is simple, in a good way. There are no superfluous side plots and plenty of opportunities for characters introspections. The only character that feel really mentally unstable is titular character, Max. But he suffers more from PTSD and paranoia, from events of the previous films, than complete lunacy. It has that depth that I felt was missing from Avengers, though it does have much in the way of jokes. The one thing I found kinda funny is that the bad guys seem to worship V8 engines as some kind of deity, some characters even having full engine schematics scarred into their chests. I am also not sure why people would hate this movie. I can understand not liking it but there is nothing, in my opinion anyway, extremely divisive. I going to file that under subliminal publicity.

I am not sure I would say it is the best film of the year yet but it has potential. I would put it on par with Avengers, maybe even slight better than it.


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