“Unite” Lootcrate review/photo dump!


Yay! Another one! This one took almost a whole week to ship, but I am going to blame Memorial day for that. This box is quite bigger than the first one. This one did get a bit banged up but thankfully nothing broke (not that there was anything to break anyways). Let’s dive right in!


First of we have this awesome Power Ranger t-shirt. Quite nice indeed!


Next we have jigsaw puzzle based on the “Rick and Morty” cartoon. I am not familiar with that show, but seems like a nice puzzle.


A pair of Marvel Comic themed shoe laces. To be honest, the pattern on them is rubbish. The ones I had were in black and white (more like grey and grey) but there was a set in color which looks better.

WP_20150526_16_27_49_ProContinuing on the Marvel theme, here is a nice ice stray. There is four different type of mold: Iron Man’s face, Captain America’s shield, The Thing’s face and what I suppose is the Hulk’s fist. Pretty nice.


Moving along we have a set of Team Fortress 2 pins… Meh.


Back into Marvel territory, here is a sticker. At first, I thought it was empty, but the sticker is on the back of the label. Basically, it is in the same shape and color as that white image on the front. Again, kinda meh.


The Loot crate magazine, which contains descriptions of each items.


The pin of the month. Sure, why not…


Some sample magazine from Mad, which contains mostly contains terrible comic strips… Not even sure why this was included in this month box.


And finally, a free comic book. This is sample from “Bravest Warriors”. I had never heard of it before and seems that I am not part of the target demographic of it. For some reason, every short story included revolved around bathrooms… Beats me.


And the bottom of the box looked like a locker room. The konami code is a nice touch, and has bunch of pop culture references…


Overall, a bit disappointing. I would have expected at least one action figure or collectible. The ice tray and the t-shirt are definitely the highlights and the rest is pretty forgettable. Not sure why this one had a bigger box, since it didn’t more than the previous box. Maybe my expectation are a bit high, after all the subscription cost about $15 per box…



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