My air conditioning problems…

About maybe two weeks ago, the air conditioner in my apartment decided to stop working. The thermostat would still work properly, but instead of refreshing cool air coming out of the system, I just got warm air. Now since I live in an apartment complex I figured that this problem wasn’t unique to my apartment and that someone else might have complained already or would complain before I got the chance. So I got lazy…

After a few days of warm evenings and lots of ice cold glass of sparkling water, I decided to talk to the leasing office, but they forgot to actually put in a work order (KKKKHHHHHAAAAAANNNNNNNNN!!!!!!). I did go back a second time when I realized that they were probably taking too much time.

Now, it seemed for a while that maybe each apartment had its own autonomous system. After all, if it bothered me not to have the air condition working, other people would also be bothered, right? Well, the guy came in today to take a look and found the problem: there was a leak in the main coolant line down in the garage, and the system essentially dried itself up. No coolant flowing, no fresh air.

But, if there was a leak in the main line, then I was not the only affected, yet I was the only one that complained…


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