What a slow week…

Yes, once in a while, absolutely nothing of interest happens. It was really warm, and then it rained… This coming week will be full of excitement however so I guess things balance themselves.

This week is the second attempt at the Disaster Recovery exercise! Huzzah! I have the same 3 to midnight shift that I signed up for last time, but hopefully I will get to actually do something this time around. Pressure is pretty high since apparently some of our client threatened us to leave if we can’t do it properly. Good times!

Also I going back to New York City on Thursday to see the family, run a 10k and other equally thrilling things. Exciting! And since my parents actually live in Hell’s Kitchen, I’ll probably post some photo to show that the Daredevil show on Netflix has no idea what actual New York looks like.

Now, being an avid movie goer, I would probably review Jurassic World right about now, since that was the big release this week. The thing is I haven’t seen it yet. I’ll been seeing next week, while I’m in the city. I do not really have high expectations considering that the two sequels they already made weren’t as good as the original. The third movie had some potential with the setting but I think that the characters could have been better written. The second film was just pure rubbish. But let’s be honest, Jurassic park movies are all about dinosaurs. And dinosaurs are the best.

I case you missed it, we are upgrading our Cobol systems at the office to a newer version and as you could expect, things are not going well. While we haven’t had any major issues, every other teams have. Most importantly everything has been pushed back to the end of the year and try to wrap up by early 2016. The thing is, we made too much progress and our team has to put those project on the back burner. This is annoying since that was one of the only things that were assigned to me. Now, I am at the mercy of randomly assigned bug reports.

Hmmm… what else…

Oh, Facebook decided that their comment system needed to be more like Reddit’s. Rather than having a single linear threads, you can now reply to specific comment and create sub threads. Since Facebook already stole hashtags from twitter, all it needs to do is to take the re-blog function from Tumblr and the cycle would be complete…


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