New York Trip!! Hell’s kitchen, Jurassic World, Queens 10K…

New York, New York, It’s a helluva town! There is nothing like breaking the work routine than by walking 10 miles a day and eating food from all over the world! Manhattan is a nice place to walk around if you can keep a general sense of where North is.

Now if you have seen the Netflix hit-show Daredevil, you might think that Hell’s kitchen (the neighborhood where daredevil is supposedly operating in) is collection of old, dilapidated warehouses and old apartment blocks. Something that would look like a bit like this:


But that is not at all what actual hell’s kitchen is like. It is quite the opposite. While it might have been true when Daredevil was first written but as you can see, things have changed quite a bit:


One thing that really struck in the show is the lack of trees and vegetation. All the street and avenues have trees lining them on both sides and the show had none. Also there are no back alley with those fire escape stairs or dumpster bins that Daredevil keeps finding himself in. Most of the buildings have also been nicely renovated and I can only assume go for quite a bit of money. There are several tall apartment complex that have opened recently that are helping with the rampant gentrification of the neighborhood.

Now on a more technical point. How does daredevil go around? “Why, running on rooftop of course!” you might say. But there is a bit of a problem that this picture should highlight:


Still not sure? Well, ask yourself this: since Daredevil does not have super strength or flight, how does he go from one block to the next? Surely, no man can jump this gap between buildings without any sort of help. So if Daredevil were to climb on top the buildings, he would be stuck on that block. But then again, I don’t really expect Hollywood to have any grasp on Physics… Now during the last episode, you can see schematics for some kind of device which could very well be a grappling hook, But by then he had been punching bad guys for months at that point! I also doubt he would just run down the streets in his costume.

Talking about Hollywood, what about “Jurassic World”? Well…. I still haven’t seen it yet. Would you believe that there are a lot of people in New York who wanted to see the movie? I guess I am used to have empty theaters in Nebraska. Well, I guess there is always next week…

What else did do? Let me see… Ah yes, I went and ran the Queens 10K this morning! That was quite fun. I some how managed to get sun burnt even thought it was cloudy the whole time. I ran it in 1:28 which is not bad considering it was my first one. They gave us this nice medal too for finishing, there is also a space on the back where you can engrave your name and time.


That about wraps it up. Not exactly looking forward going back to Nebraska after having so much fun here, but all good things must come to an end…

Now I wait until the New York Comic Con in October… Now that will awesome!


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