June Loot Crate “Cyber”!


Look what I found when I got back from New York! Why yes, it is another mystery box from Loot Crate! This month’s theme was “Cyber”, which sound pretty swell if you ask me. I am also using my camera this time rather than my phone, so hopefully the images are better.

Alright let see what we have this around!


First off we have this nice Tyrell corp badge, logo thingy from Blade Runner. Now that’s a movie I need to see at some point.


Next we have this Terminator theme key ring. It’s the brain cpu chip thing the second movie. Pretty nice, a bit heavy.


Next is the T-shirt! This time it’s a Tron inspired Transformers t-shirt! Pretty cool!

DSC00068And back to some terminator stuff, a miniature t-800 terminator skull. It’s made of a rubbery material, so it not all that heavy. It might even be lighter than the key chain…


To be or not to be, that is the question…


Hey look! A Borderlands mouse pad! heck yeah! Now that something that has both form and function!


The Loot crate magazine, as usual.


Now we get to the less exciting stuff. This is a circuit board pouch. It feels cheap, it looks cheap, it is cheap. Supposedly it glows in the dark… meh…


And then we this:


These are supposed to be Cylon practice target for the shooting range. They are decent posters but why two identical ones? They don’t actually expect you to shoot them, are they?


Next we have some stickers from something called Nerdhq. Not sure what that is but the stickers aren’t that bad bad.


Oooohh, a membership card! That’s pretty swell! But why wait until the third box? why not just put it in the first one you receive? What ever….


And finally, the pin. Funny story, I have the two previous pins attached to my backpack, along with the Harry Potter bag tag, and went through TSA security without problem when I went to New York this past weekend. Can’t bring a nail clipper but pins with pointy ends, no problem…


Overall, probably the best crate out of the three I have received so far. The T-shirts are consistently awesome but some of the other stuff do vary in quality. I think I’ll keep my subscription for another round of boxes!



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