Jurassic World, a review…

I finally got to see Jurassic World!… last Monday. I had some spare time after my plane landed so I figured it was a good way to spend the afternoon, rather than doing anything productive like buying groceries. I’ll try to keep this post as spoiler free as possible, but since this is a Jurassic Park movie, things are pretty predictable anyways.

I hadn’t write about it yet mostly because I wasn’t sure what to make out of it. The special effects are amazing as always, the story is passable but doesn’t completely break suspension of disbelief and the characters are likable. They also used some animatronic dinosaurs in a couple scenes which is pretty nice. Not much else came to mind, so I took the week to think about it some more.

There are also several aspect from the previous three movies that are reflected in Jurassic world. Obviously, the main plot of the original movie, dinosaurs getting loose and wrecking havoc, makes the back bone of this movie plot. There is a short scene where a T-rex is fed a goat like in the first film as well and there is also a scene where a T-rex is baited/guided by a flair. The Mister DNA cartoon character makes a brief cameo and they ripped one of the Dilophosaurus straight out of the scene where the fat guy gets killed for a brief cameo as well.

The second movie dealt more with the Greedy Ingen corporation, the parent company of the Jurassic Park, trying to salvage the park’s dinosaurs for profit and again in this movie, Ingen tries to intervene to protect its investment by bringing armed mercenaries. At some point in Jurassic World, we discover what happened to the original structures of the first park, as it lays in ruins in the jungle, similar to the research facilities they find on Site B in the third Jurassic Park movie.

They are couple things they missed out on though. One thing that was recurring in the previous films was climatic sequences under heavy downpour. The first movie had the big reveal of the T-rex and it was raining. In the second movie, there is that scene where Jeff Goldblum’s trailer/science RV thing gets attacked by a couple of T-rex and it’s raining. The third movie had a scene where the heroes are attacked by the Spinosaurus while riding on a boat, and it was raining! In this movie? No rain scene… How disappointing. There is no reference to the water cup scene from the first movie either, which is strange because that was also reuse in both previous sequel, if I remember correctly.

The one of the things that really bugs me about this movie is that it doesn’t quite feel like the others Jurassic Park movies. A big theme in the first and third one was “man vs nature”, and the movie centered around the survival of the human character versus dinosaurs. The primary objective was to survive and leave the island. The second movie had some of that in the first half of the movie, while they are still on the island but shifts away in the second part when the T-rex gets loose in San Diego.

In Jurassic world however, the plot plays out more like a monster movie. It’s not about surviving and leave the park alive anymore, it’s about stoping the mutant dinosaur thing from killing everyone. This shift in theme and focus makes the movie feel very different. In the previous one, danger could be just around the corner, in this one, you feel safe unless the big bad dinosaur is close. It feels claustrophobic when the “Indominus Rex” is around but controlled and safe when it isn’t. It’s not about nature vs men but more of a predator vs prey sort of situation. It is pretty obvious that the script was rewritten a couple times as there are some plot elements that don’t feel like they really fit with the rest of the movie. It feels darker and more serious than the previous movies.

Overall, it is a decent action adventure movie and a good addition to the series of Jurassic park films. It did set it self up for potential sequels quite nicely and considering the amount of money they made during opening weekend, it almost a guaranty that we will see more dinosaur in the near future.


One thought on “Jurassic World, a review…

  1. I have loved JP all my life. But I agree there is a change in tone with this movie. But I think that is good in this case, as now the park is working and Hammond’s dream is alive and better than ever. Instead this seems a bit like an allegory for humanities more recent excesses and greed for things to always be bigger and better. Or maybe Im reading too much into it. Yeh probably that.


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