A car update: Accident #2…

Yes, it was bound to happen. I got my self into another accident… guuuuuhhhhh… But hey! It wasn’t my fault and I’ll probably not pay a single penny of it! Huzzah silver linings!


As I was leaving the office’s parking lot, someone reversed into the passenger side of my vehicle. Yup, that happened. She claimed that she didn’t see me in her rear facing parking camera when she started backing up. I find that hard to believe, because as I recall, the front of my car was already right behind her minivan thing before she started moving. As you can see there was paint transfer, a couple big dent on both doors and my paint was scrape to bare metal in a couple spots…

Damage wise, while it doesn’t look to bad, it appears to be a bit expensive to fix. I went to get an estimate and it came out just over $3000 worth of damage. They said that I need to replace the outer skin of both doors, the rear quarter panel and possibly the rear bumper and repaint/blend everything in. That seems a bit much but as long as I don’t pay, I don’t really care. Since it will the other person’s insurance paying the bill, I might also get a rental car this time. I like Uber but I would rather be able to do thing on my own.

Oh well, such is life. Hopefully it won’t take too long to get this thing wrapped up, but it is very much a case of “hoping for the best, expecting the worse” type of deal.


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