Return of the Random Ramblings…

I was going to go for a nice walk outside but considering it is a blistering 94 degrees, I decided to write down some of the things I wanted to ramble about but couldn’t come up with a long enough post for them. Scatter brain away!


The elevator in my apartment building is a rather curious one. Among the many notable details, here are few that peak my curiosity:

  • The doors will start closing immediately after you push one of the floor buttons rather than wait a few moments.
  • The close doors button actually works in this elevator!
  • It occasionally does reach the floor properly. It will go up (or down) to the correct floor and stop but not open the doors. It will stay put for maybe 3 to 4 seconds before going back to the first floor and try again. The floor selection does not change and this can occur several time in a row. If you are in the elevator, this can be remedied by pressing the open door button when at the correct floor and the doors will actually open. The doors will close as soon as they are opened and the elevator will still go back to the first floor and try again. If you were calling the elevator and it fails, there is not much you can do. But then again, there are only three floors, so might as well take the stairs.
  • As you can see below, the technical plate seem to be lacking some crucial information. What does that mean “capacity 4000”? 4000 pounds? 4000 liters? 4000 galleons? who knows… it also lacks a serial number and a maximum number of passengers.



Let’s talk a about comic books for while. DC Comics to be precise. Or rather movies based on the DC universe.

So this past weekend was the San Diego ComiCon, probably the biggest and well known of all ComiCon. As you might expect from such an event there were so big reveal about some of the big upcoming movie like Star Wars and all that jazz. Warner Brothers, who currently owns the cinematic rights to DC character released a couple new trailer for their upcoming Movies: Superman V Batman and Suicide Squad.

The Superman V Batman trailer is quite amazing and really makes me excited for the movie. They don’t show too much but there are a lot of cool detail, especially in the Batcave. We get to see Wonder Woman and Lex Luthor in action, though they feel a bit out of place in my opinion. No sign of either Aquaman or Cyborg, which are both supposed to be in the movie. This has the potential to bring DC back on more equal footing with Marvel if the movie does well. You can watch the trailer here on Youtube.

On the other hand we have the Suicide Squad movie trailer. To be honest, it looks like rubbish. In my opinion it lacks many things in order to be compelling. First off, it doesn’t give the slightest clue what the general plot will be. Sure they show the shady government creating the group but not why. The Joker is shown at the end but doesn’t really conclusively say he alone will be the antagonist of the movie. Second, the music is terrible. I get it, it’s a cover of a song about jokes, ergo the Joker, but it clashes very badly with the tone of the images. You get this light melody while most of the shot are just people shooting at each other. It does work nicely for the first minute or so but once the vocals starts, it just complete falls apart. Finally, from the little we get to see the Joker, I find him underwhelming and unconvincing. He doesn’t feel threatening at all, he just looks like a random punk with green hair who could use a good dentist. Unlike Batman v Superman, this has the potential of completely bombing and hurting future DC movies. (oh and you can watch the trailer here)

Oh while on the topic of DC movies, how about one that never got made? Back in the 90’s there was a plan to reboot the Superman movie franchise after the third and fourth Superman movies from the eighties didn’t do well at the box office. The movie would have been on the recent Death of Superman story arc and would have features Nicolas Cage as Superman and Tim burton as the director. A documentary on the attempted movie was released just last week and I think it’s definitely worth a watch. You can really see the amount of work they put in the pre-production and I think it would have made an awesome movie. You can buy it and watch at the official website here. I’m not sure that they have the best title for the documentary but that really the point really.


While we are still on the topic of movies, I went and saw the latest Terminator film, and surprisingly, I liked it quite bit! Despite the terrible rating on Rotten Tomatoes, I thought that it was a good movie. The plot is straight forward and feels like a Terminator movie. The acting is excellent, though Emilia Clarke looks a bit young compared to Linda Hamilton in the original movie, but whatever. There are some good joke and some clever critique of how addicted we are to social networks and the internet. There isn’t a single thing that I can think of that I would call bad in this film. Sure, one could say that it is an unrealistic representation of time travel and that certain cause and effect rules were seemingly broken, but then again, we have no idea if time travel is possible and what effects it could have on the future/present/past.

I remembered that a lot of people hated Terminator salvation but that I thought it was a solid movie, and if you look at the IMDB rating that seem to be true for a lot of people. I can only assume that the film critic that gave Terminator Genisys and Salvation bad review were trying to compare it to the original, but they are really different movies. The original Terminator movie is the kind of movie you can only do once, because after that, everything will be in its shadow, for ever compared to the original. Hopefully they will continue with the new continuity they have set up, because I really like it.


I got my car back from the shop last Friday. I’m a little surprised it was that quick to fix, after all I dropped the car off Monday, they call to tell what was going to be done on Tuesday and the car was ready to pick up Friday after noon. It took them only a couple days to replace two door covers but it took that other place 3 weeks to get the pieces for the front bumper. At least I had a rental car to use in the meantime, though I didn’t quite like it as much as my actual car. While it had some nice feature like a back up camera and push start button thingy, the steering wheel felt loose and pedal felt soft. It made the car feel easier to drive but not as good to drive. The steering on the focus is tighter and feels more controlled, same thing with the pedals. But the most important thing is that I didn’t have to pay for anything (other than gas).



One thought on “Return of the Random Ramblings…

  1. RE: Elevator
    Judging by the data plate and the little information I think I can safely assume that you have an elevator that has not been upgraded since new. This elevator would have a relay logic controller, and is not very sophisticated in operation and are often prone to issues like you describe especially as they age. There is likely a dwell timer for the car door, but if it’s burned out or shorted, the doors would close as soon as a car call is placed.

    and FYI the capacity is 4000 lbs, but with that said I would not take that to mean you can roll your 4000 lb tool cabinet into it.

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