Antman, a review…

Look, I am big fan of Marvel comics. I really am. I also think that Marvel reinvented/reinvigorated the superhero movie genre. I do think, however, that they have reach a plateau in quality. I am not saying that Ant Man is a bad movie but you can tell that there were some trouble in the movie’s production. As you may know, the production started way back in 2006 and has suffered from several set backs and the script was probably rewritten several times to accommodate the rest of the Marvel movies. The result is a fairly unbalanced movie that feels like it was stitched together from multiple scripts.

I’ve been trying to write this post for a while now because I am very conflicted about what to think about this movie, more than I was after Avengers Age of Ultron. The fight scenes are well choreographed, the jokes are not completely over the top, but the plot just doesn’t quite feel right and the music was forgettable. For every good aspect of the film, there’s something else that bugs me. It’s a like quantum superposition of good and bad things, where you can’t quite tell where one ends and where the other starts.

These sections have some minor/major spoilers so read at your own risk.


The main plot is that the bad guy is trying to weaponize and sell the technology that makes the Ant Man suit. Hank Pym, the original Ant Man, doesn’t want that to happen. The bad guys are having trouble with the while shrinking thing but have a fully functioning suit called Yellow Jacket. The suit is capable of flight and has two laser canons, making it essentially a discount Iron Man suit. Why don’t they just sell that? Sure it’s not as advanced or as cool the whole deal but it would make a whole lot more senses. Besides we know that autonomous drone are possible as seen in Iron Man 2, so why not put one in the suit and Ta-Dah! Problem solved.

The movie also also has some problem with forshadowing certain plot points. Several time throughout the movie, they sort of drop “small” hints about what is going to happen, but those hints are too obvious to not figure out. Ant Man’s suit has this thing called “the regulator”, it controls the shrinking of the suit and the wearer. if the regulator is turned off the suit will start shrinking indefinitely until it reached sub-atomic scales. Pym warned the protagonist to not do it, since the effect should be irreversible. Of course, the hero does it and somehow finds a way out, which is complete deus ex machina. Hank Pym’s daughter, Hope, keeps badgering about how she should be the one using the Ant Man suit and all that, then of course “something happens” in the post credit scene that could have been seen a mile away. They Mention the Avengers and surprise one of them shows up!


Overall, It’s worth a watch but might end in disappointment. It just feels like this movie such have happened way earlier in the Marvel movie chronology, probably because it was intended to be. Not every Marvel movie will be amazing, and movie like Guardian of the Galaxy and Winter Soldier were probably among the best Marvel will ever make, so be prepared for other somewhat disappointing movie in the future. It will help satisfy our craving for movie as we wait for the next Big Thing™ like Star Wars or Batman V Superman but it will probably forgotten by then.


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