July LootCrate: Heroes 2


Well, it finally arrived, after quite a bit of delay. I even got the satisfaction survey before the box! They ship those for California, and the FedEx website said that the wild fires might affect deliveries, so I going to assume that’s what happened.

The theme this time around is “Heroes 2”, presumably a sequel to a previous crate that was popular. The promotional email was showing stuff from Legend of Zelda and DC comics so I going to guess that the content of the box are somewhat related to that. No reason to wait, let’s get straight to it!


Now the more observant of you may quickly realize that there is no T-shirt in this box. Quite disappointing I have to say but then again I am in no dire need of new T-shirts to wear. It also feels strangely empty. A couple big items pop out but not much else. So let’s start with some of the smaller stuff.

First up, we have this Legend of Zelda arm band. While it is cool in concept, it doesn’t really have any practical use, in my opinion. Unless you’re supposed to wear it as an accessory but then again… Ehhh.


Moving on we have a Star Trek themed air freshener… Which doesn’t really smell like vanilla… Smells as cheap as it looks.


Anyways, Let’s move on move with this rather cool Batarang key ring multi-tool thing! I am not sure how useful the two screw drivers are but it should make a decently cool key ring. As for the bottle opener, I’m pretty sure it would be pretty hard to use, since it doesn’t provide a lot of leverage, and hard to hold with all the pointy bits on it.



OMG a piece of rectangular cardboard tubing! We are saved!


Not really, it’s actually a Wonder Woman poster. Apparently “She can do it”… Not you, not me, Only she can… Not sure how I feel about this one. It’s just too small of a poster. I understand they have to fit everything it a shippable box but this feels lazy. It’s kinda like the Battlestar Galactica from the previous box, cool but strange.


Alright, this should be the “pièce de résistance”, the biggest thing in the box is this cool Batman miniature. It appears to be based on the original Batman TV show too. (According to the box, they also have Catwoman and Superman in the same style). They painted the Batarang he is hold silver/grey, which makes him look like he is carrying a knife. Kinda funny if you ask me.


It comes with two accessories that I found surprising at first. A stick that says “Kapow!” and a white board marker pen.



As it turns out you can remove the “Kapow!” sticker to find the world smallest white board. Seriously, there’s barely enough space to write a single word! What’s the point? Besides the figure looks much better without the speech bubble thing. The stick that hold the thing up also feel quite brittle.

The “complete” figure

Already down to the last few Items! Here we have a Book called “the League of Regrettable Superheroes” (the LootCrate edition). Apparently, it’s about fifty of the strangest Superhero comics that were publish but faded to the unknown due lack of success. That actually is pretty cool, I wonder if I ever heard of any of them?


And then this: a small piece of paper with a cool drawing on it.


Just Kidding, there a redeemable code on the back for a Game called, as you may have read, “Brawlhalla” ( pronounced brawl-halla, I suppose). Maybe that’s why this box is so lackluster! They had to pay for the game licenses! If only it was that simple. The game is already Free-to-play and the code is only for some cosmetic DLC, which makes it inherently worthless. Not only that, but the game is basically a Super Smash Bros rip off that looks like it start off as a flash game on one of those flash game website full of spyware and stuff. Sad stuff…

And finally the two usual stuff: a pin and the magazineWP_20150729_19_42_07_Pro


There is one more thing worthy of mention though. All the box can be unfolded and re folded to make this set/scene for you to show you stuff. I have been ignoring that aspect before because they weren’t all that interesting but this one is pretty cool. You can turn it inside out and into a small building of sort:


Anyways, I have to say I am a bit disappointed with this one. While the book and the figurine are quite a substantial acquisition, the rest of the box is a mixed bag. some thing are ok, like the poster and the key ring, but then you wonder why they bothered with the air freshener and the game code. I also have my suspicions as to why there was no T-shirt. Loot crate recently announced a new subscription service called “Level up” where you can choose to received either to get 2 pair of socks (for an extra $9.49 + shipping), accessories (for an extra $14.99 + shipping, and it marked for the female demographic) or a premium wearable (for an extra $14.99 + shipping). I am guessing that they realized they could make more money out of their membership if they split things and charge extra for them. Greedy bastards.


Not to happy but not entirely disappointed. Hopefully this is just a fluke and the next one is back with full force, or this might just be the beginning of something worse… Either way, I’ll live.



3 thoughts on “July LootCrate: Heroes 2

  1. Hey, just got started with lootcrate, i missed out on a ton of old boxes 😀 any chance i can get that white fang Gnash skin code? Gnash is my favorite fighter in brawlhalla!


    • Hey man.
      As far as I remember, I redeemed that code already. Sorry.
      Also I hope they improved the quality of the crates, they got really cheap stuff when I unsubscribed last year.


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