Bat-a-key-ring, The cheap knight returns…


Here is a little update on the Batman key ring that I have received the other day along with the rest of the LootCrate stuff. I thought it was cool and I decided to actually use it. I can confirm that the bottle opener is utterly hopeless as I predicted. Hadn’t had the occasion to try the screwdrivers yet but I doubt they could replace a proper tool. The paint has chipped a bit in some part but I think that adds to it, gives it a more rugged feel to it. However, as some of the more keen-eyed of you might have already spotted on the picture above, there is a slight problem. Namely, it can’t seem to keep my keys attached to itself, and for a very obvious reason:

You are the weakest link! (dramatic music)

You know what they say: “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link”, and that is an extremely weak link. That thing has bent itself twice out of shape since I started using it. Thankfully, I didn’t lose my keys on either occasion but it’s been only a couple of days and that thing is already giving up! To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much but even then this is still disappointing. Another case of form over function I suppose.


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