Those annoying letters….

There are very few things in the world that really makes my blood boil, and probably the second thing that annoys me the most is disingenuous advertisements. Those fake article on News website that are “sponsored” by some big company and such. While they are easy to avoid on the internet, it’s a bit harder to deal with in the real world.

Every other weeks or so I get a letter like this from my internet service provider:


Well gee, important customer information? In all caps, no less! Must really be important! I wonder what it could be. Did they change the plan I’m currently using? Do I owe them money? hmmmmm…..


Oh no wait! It’s some bullshit advertisement!! Almost every other week I get the same letter with the same bullshit attention grabbing lie on it. They hide that “upgrade your experience Today!” line just under the solid part of the envelope to really make you sigh when you start pulling the content out. Sometimes they even put one of those fake credit card things with a phone number on it. While it says “exclusive offers”, they’re always the same just with a different promo code. They even end with a post scriptum that says “Hey, buy our services!” (paraphrasing a bit, but that’s what they are saying anyways…).They truly are desperate for me to pay them more for services I do not want. 

Well here is an idea: if they want to make more profits, why don’t they start saving money by stopping sending me these useless letters!

The worst part is that they use a similar format for actual notices and stuff. I would be very tempted to just toss all the letters in the garbage but I might actually throw out the letter that say my subscription is up or whatever. A real life case of the kid who cried wolf… So devious! As far as I can tell they is no way to unsubscribe from promotional campaign anywhere on the website so I probably just soldier on. First world problems man….


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