August LootCrate “Villains 2″…


Another month, another box full of mysterious goodies! In term of size, it is similar to last month’s but it is quite a bit heftier. Hopefully, that’s a good sign. Let’s open the thing!


As you can see, there is no t-shirt in this box either. As I had speculate last month, the T-shirts are probably going sold separately in that new Level up subscription thing. There is also only four things in this box, not counting the badge/pin and the magazine thing. Hopefully it an indication of “Quality over Quantity”.

I guess I should start with the box that says marvel on it.


“Venom molded mug” you says? That sounds spectacular!


Eeeehhh… I like it? I’m a bit on the fence about it. They did a really cool job when sculpting it but the paint job is not the best. They sort of gave it lips and it give it a bit of a Joker look. The tongue is handle, which is really cool.

I can see this becoming one of those stupid twitter dares…

Up next, inside a small plastic bag we have…


…an apron. Apparently it’s a breaking bad reference. Since I have never seen any of the episodes of the show, I was a bit confused. At least I have an apron now.


The second to last thing is the Joker action figure of sorts. It’s not the traditional interpretation of the Joker, being more of a ape like complexion. The figure is also made of wood, which is pretty nice. the arms, the hands and torso are posable and include a spare head. Interestingly, it has hole in its hand, suggesting that it could hold some form of accessory but none were included in the box.



And the last mystery item is this box with a hydra logo on it. Apparently, it a replica of a Hydra lapel pin seen at the very beginning of the first Captain America film. It’s pretty cool especially if you are into cosplay, or if you just want to walk around and whisper “Hail Hydra” in random people’s ears.


OOhhhh, shiny!


As always, the pin thingy and the magazine for the crate.



Like I said before, it seem that they decided to go for quality over quantity this time around and I think it worked. The mug is really nice, the lapel thing is cool (and movie accurate apparently), the joker figurine is pretty swell, and the apron is at least useful. I think that since they don’t include the T-shirt in the box, they can afford to put more expensive stuff instead. Hopefully this will be a continuing trend rather than a one off fluke.



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