Maze cube: some observation…

So it’s been a while, and I still haven’t figured out the damn thing. As a matter of fact, I had to disassemble the thing and put it back together to study it properly, even then reassembling it wasn’t easy. But like I said in one of my previous post, I think I might have found somethings. I mentioned the cube itself has no colors but rather a very intricate pattern printed on each side. There two possible patterns, one being the mirror image of the other, as you can see below:

Pattern A
Pattern B

The easiest way to determine which pattern any give face should have is by examining the center tile. If you look at the center tile, there are lines the sorta of look like the letter “a” or the letter “b”, hence the naming. The way the patterns are laid out on the cube, it’s possible to orient the cube to have a pattern “a” on the bottom face, alternating “a” and “b” patterns on the middle four faces and finally a “b” pattern on top. I think this will be crucial in getting a reliable solving method.

Another interesting thing is that some pieces have their pattern spill over unto another face. More importantly, on each face, there are exactly four of those spill, one and only one on each edge of the face. I have highlighted them on the picture below:


Again this should help with getting a reliable solving method and a good way to verify piece placements.

Finally, I am pretty sure that there has to be a simple way to piece the pattern together without having to learn the exact pattern. there has to be some logical construction in the pattern that helps you. I haven’t too much progress on that front just yet but I think I might be unto something. Several portions of the pattern seem to align quite nicely. I have highlighted some of those alignments on the following image:

line paterns

I am not entirely sure how much of this is wishful thinking but I think this might be the final piece to solving the puzzle properly.

I’ll continue to study it and if I manage to crack it, I’ll post an update.


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