September general update post….

It’s been a while since I made one of those and there is not much that I could think of to write a long post about. So here is a couple thing that happened recently:


As you may know, I own a Fitbit flex, and as you may remember, I hate it. I still continue to wear it because I feel like I would have wasted my money on a over-hyped step counter. While it has become somewhat more reliable with some of the recent software update, there is something that cannot be fixed via Wifi: the band is breaking apart.

WP_20150921_17_18_38_ProThis is due to the obvious design flaw of the band. Every time you pull the tracker out and push it back in, you put strain on the band and sooner or later, weak points fail and BAM! cracked bracelet. I have been wearing the thing for about five month, which is a decent among of time for this kind of bracelet. Now you would think that a getting a replacement bracelet would be really cheap. It probably cost Fitbit pennies per bracelet. However If one were to go on their website, You would find that they will sell you ONE bracelet for $15. ONE Bracelet! FIFTEEN DOLLARS! What a rip off!

Come to think of it, the Fitbit flex sells for $99, and that comes with two bracelets… which mean one third of what your are paying for is bracelets…

I did order some cheaper 3rd party replacement but they apparently won’t arrive until mid October…. what a drag…


I ran another 10K this weekend! It was the Omaha Marathon this past weekend and my family and I all signed up for different races. My father (who has a blog) would run the full Marathon (which apparently was too long), my sister (who also has a blog) would the half marathon and my mother and I did the 10 kilometer. It went surprisingly well and I managed to do it in one hour and twenty five minutes! That three minutes faster that the 10K I did in Queens back in June. One thing that I found funny was the medal they gave for the Full and Half marathon’s is significantly bigger than the one they gave the 10K runners. Bigger distances, bigger medal I suppose.

Starting to look nice, A few more medal would hurt though…

I do have to say that my legs were a bit stiff today as I went to the office. It’s not half bad once you start moving but if you seat down for a bit, it gets you again… I suppose that will become easier as I continue my training.


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