The irony of Peeple…

Now, I don’t usually talk about drama on the internet, mostly because it is inconsequential to my daily life, but sometimes I can’t help but point and laugh at other people’s misery.

If you haven’t heard of the supposedly upcoming app called “Peeple”, here is the gist: It allows you to rate and review people like you would review a business on Yelp. While I won’t pretend I don’t pass some form of judgement on everyone I know (don’t fool yourself, so do you), I usually prefer to keep said judgement for myself. Now you might think: “as long as I don’t create a profile for myself, I’ll be fine”, but that’s where you are wrong and where things gets crazy. If the person you want to review is not on Peeple, You can create a profile for them! All you need is a cellphone number for that person to be notified by and Ta-dah! The person is publicly available for review (only “positive” reviews, supposedly). It doesn’t has to be that person actually phone number either. Originally they wanted the app to automatically go through your Facebook friends to create their profile, but thankfully Facebook would let them.

Oh you can’t remove slanderous review about you on the app either, you’ll have to “publicly defend yourself” according to their website. You can report “inaccurate” content but that’s probably not going to do anything…

Needless to say, the individuals behind the app have receive a lot of flack for their objectively terrible idea. What’s more interesting about it is how they dealt with it. When their Facebook page started receiving comments critical of their app, they started deleting them. They even tweeted asking if it was possible to prevent people from commenting on their Facebook page! When people pointed out the hypocrisy of them deleting negative comment about their app that wouldn’t let you do that, they simply deleted the Facebook page and created a new one, where the exact same thing happened. As far as I know they are not on Facebook anymore. They also recently deleted their twitter and YouTube account and their website has gone down a least a couple times due the amount of traffic.

I actually went on their website to ask some clarification about opting out of the app, people creating profiles for you and if they are considering redesigning their app after the ruckus it created. I haven’t heard from them yet and I suspect I never will. If I ever do get an answer, I’ll post it in an update, but don’t hold your breath.

Someone also created a petition for Google and Apple to ban the app for their store, which you can find here. The really funny part is that they wanted to release an app that allows people to give unsolicited feedback on other people, but when they got unsolicited feedback about themselves, they tried everything to make it stop and failed. Nothing like tasting your own medicine, I suppose.


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