New York Comic Con Trip!

WP_20151009_07_01_47_ProSurprise! I’m in New York this weekend for the Comic Con! Huzzah! Boy oh boy was it a blast!

After waking up way too early on Friday morning, I went on my flight to the big apple. I tried to take a photo of the sun rise from the plane but since we were heading straight for the sun, the photo above was the best I could achieve.

My hype for the convention was stirred as soon as sat on the train for Penn station. There was this guy that sat a few seat away that was talking to another person and I overheard him say that none other that Stan Lee himself would be in a booth on the main show floor! Say what?! Meet Stan Lee in person? Heck yeah! There were quite a few costumed people around Penn station making their way to the convention as well when I got off the train. Such excitement! Since I had this really cool Jedi outfit and light sabers, I was ready to have the full Comic Con experience.

It turned out to be quite different from what I expected. I have been to the Tokyo Game Show before but that was a trade show. The Comic Con is mostly small vendor with things to sell, ranging from T-shirt to limited edition collectibles, to swords and blades and leather steampunk armor. There were a few booths from Lego and Square Enix with game demo for people to try out. There even was a booth for a Cirque du Soleil show based on the James Cameron’s Avatar where you could get Na’vii make up. I uploaded a selection of photo I took today.

We did look around for Stan Lee but changes are he never was around. I also wanted to check out the Back to The future Booth where supposedly you could get bottles of Pepsi Perfect (like in Back to the Future part II) but they weren’t actually giving anything away… sad face… But hey I did get a free book from one of the book publisher booths.

The best part was the Sphero/Marbles Brain Store booth who sold one thing: BB-8 Spheros. And I bought one and Holy Crap is it an awesome thing!

WP_20151010_14_59_14_ProIt rolls pretty fast and reacts when it crashes it things, you can make its head move around and even let it wander around on its own. The only downside I can see so far is that your phone can get really warm and it will use your phone battery pretty quickly. Blame Bluetooth I suppose.

Anyways, I have a couple days before I fly back to Nebraska. It will give some time to catch up and see what changed since the last time I visited back in June, and hang out with some of my old college buddies. That’s about it for today and may the Force be with you…



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