Nike and Pepsi ruined BTTF day…

In case you missed it, today was “Back to the Future” day. It was the date that Marty Mac-fly traveled to in the second Back to the Future movie. In the movie, 2015 was this wonderful world of flying cars, hover boards, 80’s cafes, and other wonderful things. Obviously, most things in the movie were far fetched and unrealistic for us to achieve, but there was definitely a couple things that seemed plausible: the Nike self lacing shoes and the new Pepsi product. In some ways, both of those were made real today, and it sucks and makes me really sad as a Back to the Future fan.

These two products could make both Pepsi and Nike untold amount of profits. People have been dreaming for years about these two products and instead of just capitalizing the F*ck out of your product placement, they instead decided to make ultra limited runs of their products. Pepsi knows that people would bend over backward to get their hand on a bottle of “Pepsi perfect”, but instead of just starting a new product or adopting the new bottle as a standard thing, they decided to make a measly 6500 bottles… What the Hell!?!?!?!?! And they completely botched the release too!! There are Millions of people in this country! Millions! Think about all the money you could make Pepsi! Think of the money! People would not care that a bottle cost $20! Just sell me the stupid thing!! The bottles are being resold on eBay for almost $500 now too….

Nike did release a version of the Nike Mag shoe back in 2011. Unlike the movie shoes, they did not have the self lacing action. Only sold a thousand pairs and all the proceedings went to charity. At the time Nike hinted that they would make a real version sometime in 2015, and they did! Huzzah! There is just one massive problem: they won’t sell them!!! They’ll be another limited edition auction Bullshit!!! WHY!?!?!? Just think of the profits, Nike!!! People would camp outside store to get their hands on a pair!! Think of all the money You could make out of pre-orders!! Think of the profits!!!! At least release the non power-lacing one to the general public!

This whole thing is really killing me! You would think that these two massive international companies would see the potential they have for sales, and yet they seem completely oblivious to the fact people are actually willing to give them money. It’s not like they lacked the means to do it either, so what holding them up? Just sell them to me! Yes, you are reading this right: I am complaining that Nike and Pepsi are not greedy enough…. uggghhhh. All I want are some awesome shoe and a collectible drink…

Dear Pepsi and Nike, here is a simpler version of what i am trying to say:

Seriously!!! Take it!!!!
Seriously!!! Take it!!!!

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