Tales of November…

Here another collection of random anecdotes I wanted to write about but didn’t think I could write a stand alone post for. It’s been a while since I last done one, now that I think about it…


Apparently my company is running short on advertising money because last week, on Friday I believe, I found a letter and what looked like postcards on my cubicle desk. Apparently, they were from the VP of human resources about how us “owner-associates” (our company’s cute euphemism for share-holders) could help the world become a better place by going to local businesses and telling them about the wonders of our products and services! How exciting!

There even were instructions on the reverse side of the letter on how to start the conversation and how it will have a positive impact on their business. The biggest problem was that it was clearly written by a business person who never had a real face to face conversation in their life! the whole example conversation included was written entirely out of business buzzwords and advertisement monologue. No one speaks that way! Also how many business owners do you know? It’s not like the run  of the mill cashier will understand anything you are talking about.

can you imagine going to your local whatever-store, in your own unpaid time, and going: “Hi, can I talk to your manager about our innovative new products?”.

To be honest, there is good reason for businesses to move to products like the ones my company is making, especially with the liability shift that happened in November with the introduction of the chip cards, but I’m not a salesman! The funny thing is, even if i wanted to go around advertising, I wouldn’t be able to get the referral rewards thing because I’m just a contractor and not a full-time employee.


I went to see the latest James Bond movie, “Specter”, when it came out a couple weeks ago and I wanted to write about what I thought about. However, by the time I got around to writing a post about it the next day, I had totally forgot what I wanted to say. I could barely even remember the plot of the movie. It left that little impression on me.

There were a couple good actions scene here and there, but not quite as good as the ones in “Skyfall”. There is not one, not two but Three “Bond Girls” in this one, which is a bit excessive. The theme for the movie is horrendous compared to the last few movies. Overall it’s pretty “meh…”.

The one thing that is kinda bugging me is that they tried to connect the past three movies, which felt like three stand alone stories, into this one big international conspiracy plot thingy that is vaguely explained, if at all. That made the plot, or at least what I thought the plot was, very weak and shallow.

It’s a decent movie if you are looking for something mindless with some action and a semblance of a narrative thread.


So I went to the dentist the other day, to get my teeth clean and all that. The dentist came take a look at my teeth, said the usual stuff and went to talk about “hey, you consider getting your teeth whitened” and went to list thing that would stain your teeth, a list that went like “cigarettes, soda, coffee, POT, chewing tobacco…”.

I’m sorry, it’s not because I’m some 20 something guy that you can assume that I smoke weed. I know it’s getting traction for legalization, and I have nothing against people doing it, but please don’t judge me like that.



Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Holy Sh*t!! That was awesome! I don’t think I have ever done something as epic this before! I’m not even sure how to describe the experience that is this spectacle of sight and sound.

If you are unfamiliar with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, i recommend you look them up. They are a sort of Hard rock / Metal Band that covers classical music. That means half the band is String instrument and chorus and the other half your typical drum and guitar rock combo. The result is the best kind of awesome! Ever listened to Metallica S&M album? Pretty similar but instead of Metallica songs reinterpreted, it’s things like Tchaikovsky’s ‘Nutcracker’, ‘In the Hall of the Mountain King’, and such things.

Since Halloween is gone already, it was Christmas themed, which I felt was a bit early, but then again this is America. There’s already a radio station with 24 hours of Christmas music… Ugh… The weird things about the music style was that they could have just broken down into Iron Maiden’s ‘Fear of the Dark’ or even something like ‘Powerslave’ and it would still fit! That would have been awesome actually.

The most impressive, after the amazing music, thing about the show was the set and light design. They had these giant LED screens and a ton of moving spotlights creating some truly amazing visual.There was so many flashing lights, they probably need to put a epilepsy warning.

Such lights, much strobe, wow.

They even had two moving platform for the finale where the two lead guitarist strapped themselves and move above the audience. That was a bit of place now that i think about it but hey, I couldn’t care less during the show.


And of course, Pyrotechnics!


They are on tour now, And I would highly recommend seeing them if you get the chance, It’s not your typical holiday experience but it sure beats seeing the same horrible Christmas movie, TV specials, and puts a twist in otherwise insufferable Holiday music.

On a side note, I want to share a couple anecdotes. When I was there, a couple rows in front of me there was this kid, probably in his early teens, wearing a pair of those sound proof ear muff, and he never took them off… What the point of going to a concert if you are not going to listen!!! If his parents didn’t want to leave him alone, there are plenty of alternatives!! Good grief…

Also a bunch of people disappeared after the first set of songs, even though there was another one and half hour of show left… What a bunch of idiots…

Oh and it’s apparently going to snow tomorrow. Yay…. Winter…

My opinion of the CBS Supergirl TV series…

I am not going to lie, I am a bit disappointed with some of the TV show that started this fall. One show I was fairly excited by was Minority Report, because I liked the Tom Cruise movie, but the show didn’t turn out all that great. The one show that is really bothering however is Supergirl on CBS. Lets face it, it’s terrible.

The main problem I have with the show is that it’s about as shallow as rain puddle. Nothing is given enough time to be absorbed by the viewer, things are thrown in left and right seeming without rhyme or reason. there is so much exposition in the first episode that I felt it should have at least 2 or even three episodes. The first part of the episode rushes through the origin story for the main character, Kara Zor-el (the Supergirl), and before you could say: “That isn’t what the origin story should be!”, the story is shoved forward to the present day. Everything else in the episode is rushed the same way, not even half way through the episode, Kara already becomes Supergirl! Why? They could have taken more time to make more of a moral dilemma for Kara to reveal herself but before you know it Blam! It happens! Obviously they are stuck with another half episode to fill. So what do they do? Shove in another episode worth of content! They “introduce” (more like throw in) a shadowy government paramilitary organization, the idiotic plot generator (a Kryptonian prison that crashed on earth) and some run of the mill alien bad guy with an axe. The situation is shoehorned in and disposed of faster than you could make sense of it. Brilliant…

Every time that the main character is face with even the smallest of bother, it is swept under the rug with nothing more than a simple pep talk from one of Kara’s handy friend. The second episode starts with Supergirl solving one problem by creating another. This would have been ripe subject about the growing pains of learning to be super hero and the best way to deal with different situation, but instead the show decided that all that was needed was a bullshit pep talk between three characters and a montage. Not even halfway through the episode it was swept under the rug like nothing happened. Character development happens so fast, you would miss it if you blinked!

Oh and one last thing. Supergirl’s attitude toward being a super hero seems all wrong. It feels like she becomes Supergirl not out of sense of obligation to use her power for good but rather because she wants the attention. Everytime she hears something about her exploit, she either whines about how people are being to negative or unsubtly and rather smugly smile as people praise her. Says what you want about her being a “strong female character”, she still is incredibly superficial.

One thing that I find curious is how the press is raving about how good of a show it is, while the rest of the viewers seem to agree that it is mediocre at best. This perfectly exemplified by the Metacritic page for the show. The press gave it positive review and an aggregate score of 75, while the users are far more critical and have it rated at 4.4 out if 10. Similar discrepancies can be seen on the RottenTomatoes page as well.

I really want to like this show but so far, it’s way too cringe-worthy to appreciate. I barely made it through the second episode if I’m honest. One can only hope that it will improve as the season goes on, or that it dies a swift death and gets rebooted a few years from now.