My opinion of the CBS Supergirl TV series…

I am not going to lie, I am a bit disappointed with some of the TV show that started this fall. One show I was fairly excited by was Minority Report, because I liked the Tom Cruise movie, but the show didn’t turn out all that great. The one show that is really bothering however is Supergirl on CBS. Lets face it, it’s terrible.

The main problem I have with the show is that it’s about as shallow as rain puddle. Nothing is given enough time to be absorbed by the viewer, things are thrown in left and right seeming without rhyme or reason. there is so much exposition in the first episode that I felt it should have at least 2 or even three episodes. The first part of the episode rushes through the origin story for the main character, Kara Zor-el (the Supergirl), and before you could say: “That isn’t what the origin story should be!”, the story is shoved forward to the present day. Everything else in the episode is rushed the same way, not even half way through the episode, Kara already becomes Supergirl! Why? They could have taken more time to make more of a moral dilemma for Kara to reveal herself but before you know it Blam! It happens! Obviously they are stuck with another half episode to fill. So what do they do? Shove in another episode worth of content! They “introduce” (more like throw in) a shadowy government paramilitary organization, the idiotic plot generator (a Kryptonian prison that crashed on earth) and some run of the mill alien bad guy with an axe. The situation is shoehorned in and disposed of faster than you could make sense of it. Brilliant…

Every time that the main character is face with even the smallest of bother, it is swept under the rug with nothing more than a simple pep talk from one of Kara’s handy friend. The second episode starts with Supergirl solving one problem by creating another. This would have been ripe subject about the growing pains of learning to be super hero and the best way to deal with different situation, but instead the show decided that all that was needed was a bullshit pep talk between three characters and a montage. Not even halfway through the episode it was swept under the rug like nothing happened. Character development happens so fast, you would miss it if you blinked!

Oh and one last thing. Supergirl’s attitude toward being a super hero seems all wrong. It feels like she becomes Supergirl not out of sense of obligation to use her power for good but rather because she wants the attention. Everytime she hears something about her exploit, she either whines about how people are being to negative or unsubtly and rather smugly smile as people praise her. Says what you want about her being a “strong female character”, she still is incredibly superficial.

One thing that I find curious is how the press is raving about how good of a show it is, while the rest of the viewers seem to agree that it is mediocre at best. This perfectly exemplified by the Metacritic page for the show. The press gave it positive review and an aggregate score of 75, while the users are far more critical and have it rated at 4.4 out if 10. Similar discrepancies can be seen on the RottenTomatoes page as well.

I really want to like this show but so far, it’s way too cringe-worthy to appreciate. I barely made it through the second episode if I’m honest. One can only hope that it will improve as the season goes on, or that it dies a swift death and gets rebooted a few years from now.


2 thoughts on “My opinion of the CBS Supergirl TV series…

  1. “It feels like she becomes Supergirl not out of sense of obligation to use her power for good but rather because she wants the attention.”

    at last, a realistic element in a superhero show !


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