Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Holy Sh*t!! That was awesome! I don’t think I have ever done something as epic this before! I’m not even sure how to describe the experience that is this spectacle of sight and sound.

If you are unfamiliar with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, i recommend you look them up. They are a sort of Hard rock / Metal Band that covers classical music. That means half the band is String instrument and chorus and the other half your typical drum and guitar rock combo. The result is the best kind of awesome! Ever listened to Metallica S&M album? Pretty similar but instead of Metallica songs reinterpreted, it’s things like Tchaikovsky’s ‘Nutcracker’, ‘In the Hall of the Mountain King’, and such things.

Since Halloween is gone already, it was Christmas themed, which I felt was a bit early, but then again this is America. There’s already a radio station with 24 hours of Christmas music… Ugh… The weird things about the music style was that they could have just broken down into Iron Maiden’s ‘Fear of the Dark’ or even something like ‘Powerslave’ and it would still fit! That would have been awesome actually.

The most impressive, after the amazing music, thing about the show was the set and light design. They had these giant LED screens and a ton of moving spotlights creating some truly amazing visual.There was so many flashing lights, they probably need to put a epilepsy warning.

Such lights, much strobe, wow.

They even had two moving platform for the finale where the two lead guitarist strapped themselves and move above the audience. That was a bit of place now that i think about it but hey, I couldn’t care less during the show.


And of course, Pyrotechnics!


They are on tour now, And I would highly recommend seeing them if you get the chance, It’s not your typical holiday experience but it sure beats seeing the same horrible Christmas movie, TV specials, and puts a twist in otherwise insufferable Holiday music.

On a side note, I want to share a couple anecdotes. When I was there, a couple rows in front of me there was this kid, probably in his early teens, wearing a pair of those sound proof ear muff, and he never took them off… What the point of going to a concert if you are not going to listen!!! If his parents didn’t want to leave him alone, there are plenty of alternatives!! Good grief…

Also a bunch of people disappeared after the first set of songs, even though there was another one and half hour of show left… What a bunch of idiots…

Oh and it’s apparently going to snow tomorrow. Yay…. Winter…


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