Ahh, Finally some well deserved vacation time! And as you could have guessed from that top picture, I’m currently in Hawaii! Extremely exciting!  The cool thing was that on my way there, I had a widow seat and had some amazing view as we approached the island.

IMG_20151211_191122Doesn’t that look like “Jurassic Park”? Well it should because that where they filmed it. And “Lost”. And many other movies and TV shows. Anyways, It is quite a place to be at. I’ll be here for a little over a week and I’ll try to post some cool pictures for you guys to enjoy.

Tomorrow is the Hawaii Marathon, which my sister and father have signed up for, So good luck for them.  My mother I am signed up for the 10K “walk”, though we’ll try to run it. No medal for the 10k this time but hey, it’s the experience that counts. After that it’s going to be all hiking, son tons and tons of photos of jungles.

On a more tech related note, check out this elevator call buttons they use at the hotel:


Instead of pressing a direction, you have to input what floor you want to go to and it will tell which elevator to take. Each elevator only get maybe 6 or 7 destinations so you can’t just jump into the first open elevator. Also if you take the wrong elevator, there are no accessible buttons inside the elevator cab, they are all locked behind a panel. Pretty cool elevator system but quickly gets overwhelm when to many people try to use it at once.

Anyways, More Hawaiian adventures are coming! To finish this post here is a cool picture of today’s rising sun:

IMG_20151212_071840 1



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