Hiking in the mountains.

There is nothing like hiking to stretch your legs after running long distances. Well, we did take a slow day to visit around the down town area, and visit the old royal palace and such.

On Tuesday we went to the Diamond Head crater. It used to be a military outpost and has a pretty easy trail that brings you to the top of the rim. It does end with a couple steep flights of stairs though.

It is pretty cool walk, but can get a bit crowded. There is a bus stop that tends to drop tourists in group.

For the more adventurous hiker there is the Manoa Falls trail / ‘Aihualama Trail. The Manoa falls are pretty famous and the trail is pretty easy and you’ll get there is 10 to 20 minutes.

That sign says “Danger Falling rocks”, but people still go swimming in the river…

But once you have reached the water fall, another trail starts: the ‘Aihualama Trail, which will bring you all the way to the ridge of the mountain. It is not too hard for a seasoned hiker but it’s best to take it slow. It was pretty humid and there was quite a bit of mud on the trail when we went. Some proper hiking shoe are recommended, and don’t bother try to do it in flip flops.

Oh and check this out:


The elevator still worked just fine, but it doesn’t bode well when you start seeing error messages in an automated system…



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