The end of vacations…

Yup, all good thing come to an end eventually. I am back in my cozy apartment here in the Midwest. That being said, I had an amazing time on Hawai’i. The weather was nice, the sea was warm, even when it was raining it felt nice. Back here, it’s pretty cold and windy. Oh, well…

After a couple days hiking in the mountain, it was time to get a change of scenery. What’s better than a hotel room with view on the beach in Waikiki? Why a Disney operated resort! (as pictured above)

It was quite an exciting place. They have some amazing restaurants, Swimming pools with tubes and a lazy river. They even play classic Disney songs sung in Hawaiian in the elevator (they did not sell the CD though, a bit of a shame).

While we were staying there, we would go do museum visits/sightseeing in the morning and just relax in pools in the afternoon. Among the cool places we visited, I think the Bishop museum and the Pearl Harbor museums were very impressive.

The Bishop Museum has very impressive collection and exposition on traditional Hawaiian culture. They also have a nice science building where they explain how the islands were created. They even had a molten lava demonstration twice a day, we did not get to see it, but that sounds awesome. They also had an easter island head just outside for some reason, and a Wilson volley ball…

Pearl Harbor is also pretty cool, though you might find it boring if you are not a History or military buff. Among the things you can visit are the Memorial proper (which we did not get to do because of wind condition), the battleship Missouri (which has has guns so big, they are as heavy as a space shuttle), a Submarine (always cool) and a couple hangar full of cool planes (The hangar still has window panes with bullet holes from the attack).

On the less serious and more tourist front, there is always the dole plantation, where you can learn everything you ever wanted to know about pineapples. They also have what is supposed to be the biggest hedge-maze in the world, whatever that’s worth. They also have a bunch of pineapple related goodies in their massive store.


The worst part of leaving Hawaii is to prepare for the weather difference. It was freezing cold in Nebraska but it was nice and warm in Honolulu. So you either arrive in shorts and T-shirt in freezing cold weather, or you dress like a eskimo in 80 degree weather and sweat like a beast. A bit of a catch-22 dilemma if you ask me.

I’ll probably post around New years with like resolutions or whatever. I also saw the latest Star Wars movie, but I feel like I need to see it a couple more time before I can properly do a write up about it. Anyways, Happy Holidays and all that. Have a merry holidays!


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