Happy New year!! Yaay!!

I said I would write before the end of the year in my last post but I guess i got lazy. Not that I really had anything better to do and it was like 10˚ outside. Ohh well…

The weather here has quite has gotten pretty chili and we got ton of snow last Monday and the Thursday before. Driving in snow was interesting to say the least. It almost felt relaxing, since there is almost no one on the road, and the few people driving go really slowly. I also had the foresight of getting winter tires installed, which probably made a big difference.

In the way of new year resolutions, I came up with a handful of simple one I should be able to stick to. I’ll try to continue to lose weight, not crash my car, not get fired from my job, go to the gym, and start training for half-marathons. That last one is probably the most ambitious but I am pretty confident in my ability to run for twi and half hour straight… Also three of my resolution pretty much and overlap nicely.

Not much else to say so far this year. Have good one!


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