Forgetting to blog multiple times…

It’s been barely a couple weeks since 2016 started and yet so many things have happened! The weather is frigid,the Powerball jackpot broke records, The new food court opened at the mall, a building in downtown Omaha Burned down, one of the office’s elevator caught fire!

At first, a couple weekends ago, I wanted to write about how cold it got recently around here. The residence lake was pretty much frozen solid a couple week ago. How do I know? I literally went and stood on it


Yes, it was probably not one of my brightest idea, and I probably won’t be trying that stunt any time soon. There was also quite a bit of ice accumulation around the building as well, like on this drain:


But then I got a bit lazy and the Powerball story started to blow up. So I though it would be more interesting to write about that and maybe about how to calculate the odds of winning.

Pictured: my second Powerball ticket

It was the first time I ever bought, and for a simple reason, the chances of winning the jackpot, or any significant sum of money, is pretty much nonexistent. I though it would fun to simply join in for the occasion, and obviously I didn’t win anything.

The number of unique possible Powerball combinations

It was to be expected but ultimately I doubt I’ll be buying lottery tickets on the regular. Since the odds have worsen, it is possible that the jackpot reach high amount again in the next few drawing. If it reach 600 to 700 million, maybe I’ll buy another ticket, just for fun. Besides, You can’t win if you don’t try.

It’s now the weekend of January 9th, and I remembered of something that was worth writing about: The Westroads mall new food court. The old food court was like one you could find in any other mall: a dozen fast food stands with a sitting area in the middle. Sometime in late 2014/early 2015, work began on a new food court for the mall. Except, that instead of simply moving the junk food stand to the new location, new “edgier” food stands would open instead. The food court would even have its own edgy name: Flagship Commons.


If you live in New York or Near by, you might have heard of a new trend of food court like the Gotham West Market in Hell’s Kitchen and “Le District” by the new World Trade center. The Flagship commons is essentially the same, a group of fancier, made to order food options, with the seating area being a lot of longer communal tables and more of industrial/rustic design.


It’s pretty cool but ultimately suffers the same problem as the ones in New York: it’s very popular. Even during what I would consider off periods, it is hard to find somewhere to sit. I hope that that crowds will slow as the novelty wears off but if the raising popularity of the ones in New York, I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

And then Monday rolled along and I totally forgot about everything again. You know how Mondays can be right? The moon could have disappeared and none could have realized it. What caught my attention however was what happened when I arrived to the office.

I had just parked my car and was making my way to the building’s front door when large groups of people started coming out. There was apparently a fire alarm, and it wasn’t an exercise.


Apparently, one of the elevator caught fire and three people got stuck. There hasn’t been any official release about the incident, so that is pure speculation. One thing I know for sure is that the fire alarm actually went of twice, and both time an announcement was made to say it was a false alarm, before a third announcement said it was actually an actual an emergency… Well done whoever was in charge of that…

Just to make sure there was something for me to write about, I learned the same day that one of the building in downtown Omaha, in the Old Market, went up in flames! Now that exciting! And because the firefighters had to deal with fire in the frigid weather, the building in now completely covered with thick layers of ice! I don’t have pictures yet but hopefully I’ll be able to drop by downtown this weekend and get pictures, and figure out what is and isn’t open.

So yeah, that was the contrived story about stuff I wanted to write about and kept forgetting. My memory is best memory…


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