M’s Pub Photos…

Like I mentioned in my last post, one of the most popular restaurant in Downtown Omaha recently went up in flames. As far as I know, it was due to a gas leak that occurred when a telecomm company were installing high speed fiber optic cable and accidentally hit a gas line. The building is still standing and covered in ice but is apparently unstable.

Now it was obviously MLK day yesterday, which gave us a nice three day weekend. Out of the three days, both Saturday and Monday would be relatively cold, but Sunday would be truly frigid, with temperature hitting negatives. Guess when I decided to go downtown? If you guessed Sunday, give yourself a pat on the back…

That’s about 5˚F, before windchill…

Thankfully, I have adequate clothing for such temperatures, though I didn’t stay outdoors for more than maybe ten minutes at a time. The building is still partially covered in ice and the block around is fenced off and a couple police cars were parked nearby. I can only assume is to catch anyone trying to jump the fence or if the structure collapses. You can get a good idea of how heavy the ice was as part of the metal terrace roof has caved in at several spots.

Because it has been O so very cold and snowing recently, the streets and sidewalks have been covered with salt. I don’t mean a light coverage to prevent ice, but there was so much salt that you could could not see the actual pavement! I mean look at my shoes after maybe half an hour of walking around:


They were sticking to the carpet as I walked back into my apartment. At least it is easy to clean, since it is just salt and is soluble. Pass your shoes under water and Bam! Salt gone! Ahh… Basic chemistry.

Anyways, tomorrow is January 20th, which means I am going to see Black Sabbath at the Century Link Center! Oh Yeah! That is going to be truly epic! That probably going to be my next post, so make sure to drop by in a couple days. In the meantime, I got to unbury my car from the snow…



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