Black Sabbath: The End tour…

That was probably the best concert I have ever been to! Considering this was my first proper Heavy Metal concert, it’s actually not saying much… But it was still AWESOME!

I didn’t want to be late for the show, so rather than dropping by my apartment after work, I just went straight to downtown and parked directly at the centuryLink center. That allowed me to have a really nice parking spot that would give me an edge when leaving after the show. I bought the overpriced t-shirt and poster then went and grabbed a quick dinner at one of the local sports bar (which was an interesting experience of its own) before going to line up for entry. I was not the only one with that same idea.

That’s was around 5:45, and that was nothing compared to how long it supposedly got…
Who would bring a Hover board to a concert anyways?

I had a seat in the lower bowl of the arena, on the left side of the stage. The view was pretty good, probably better that a seat on the arena floor. The only thing was that seats are a bit cramped, though it ended not being a big problem.

I got in very early. Like an hour and half early…

The opening band was Rival Sons, a group that I had never heard of before, though some of their songs sounded familiar. They were actually pretty good and I’ll probably buy one of their CDs. The guy they had on the keyboards had this rocking ZZTops style beard.


And then it was time for the big show, the band everyone was waiting for: Black Sabbath! The moment the band showed up on stage, Everyone in the arena stood up and started cheering like crazy. The whole show was essentially a giant standing ovation, since no one sat back down during the one and a half show. The stage was not as extravagant as the one Trans-Siberian Orchestra had when they came back in 2015, but it was not necessary. The band was still kicking and rocking as hard as ever! The drummer they have for the tour is really energetic as well which really made the show in my opinion. Ozzy was hard to hear at time, his voice muffled by the sheer volume of the instrument, but he still sounded really good! Interestingly, Ozzy’s drink of choice that night was “Evian”.

Overall, It was definitely a once in life time experience for me, since I wasn’t born to see them Back in the days, and this will be their final tour (it’s called The End for a reason). I would strongly recommend getting your hands on tickets and see them at a concert because they are definitely worth the money.


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