Strolling through the Auto Show…

I only have a mild interest in cars but I try to keep up with what is happening in the industry, like that time I went on a rant on the whole Volkswagen Diesel scandal. Since the Midlands Auto Show happened to be this weekend, I figured it would be worth while to go and drop by.

Now obviously, it is a local event a not one of those International one you see in Detroit, so everything that was shown were intend for showcase what to expect to see in local dealerships. Since this is Nebraska, it was a lot of pickups and SUVs, and somewhat surprisingly performance cars.

At the show was also a selection of rare cars from private collectors that included a Ferrari, a Lotus Elise, a Mclaren and a couple Plymouth Superbirds.

There was also a couple charities stands and such at the back of the convention floor. You could sign up for a drawing to win a pickup truck, but if you read what it said on the form, you would see that it said that all your contact informations would be used for promotion purposes and that it’s phone operators can supersede all no-call/no-contact list. That’s a terrible deal! If you signed up there is nothing you can do to prevent telemarketers to call you and sending you promotional mail. I obviously did not sign up.

One of the other game/challenge you could is guess what was the make and model of a crushed car. It is a hard as it sounds, because it is hard to even tell which way the front of the car was. I have honestly no idea what it could have been. Maybe some sort of sedan?


Overall, It was mildly interesting. I am not looking for new car and I don’t really like pickups and SUVs. It was cool to see some of the more elusive cars in person, like the BMW i8 or one of those SRT Dodge Challenger Hellcats. It was only nine dollars, so I think it was worth the visit.


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